• CRG Calls On Easton First Selectman Bindelglass To Renegotiate Agreement To Purchase Contaminated Property

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    By June Logie

    The Town engineer’s preliminary report of the expedited Phase 2 testing results for the property the Town plans to purchase for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) renovation project were delivered to First Selectman Dr. Bindelglass on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, (file below) and confirm that contamination from Easton Village Store (EVS) has migrated to Lisi’s property and has impacted the groundwater and soil on the Lisi property. The contamination of EVS property has had a ripple effect spreading contamination to abutting properties. 

    This calls into question: 

    • Why did Dr. Bindelglass opt out of the Town’s obligations for supervision, oversight and remediation of multiple EVS gas tank removals?  For the last two years, there have been standing Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) orders to remove the contaminated soil left on the site from this project. (Click here for all DEEP files.)

    • Why is it that for the past two years Dr. Bindelglass felt competent to comment that the property was clear of contamination at EVS, but now with receipt of the preliminary report that shows the Lisi and EVS properties are contaminated, he claims the information is too technical for him to comment on? 

    • Why did Dr. Bindelglass and Mr. D’Addario press so hard to override the vote of the EMS Building Committee and ignore public concern to avoid Phase 2 testing of the Lisi property, calling it “unnecessary” and “politically motivated”? Why did they instead try to force a simple peer review of the Seller’s test results which are now clearly known to have been inaccurate? 

    Dr. Bindelglass paid to have the Phase 2 testing results expedited by the engineer and now that the results have been received and summarized by the engineer he claims the preliminary documents are too technical to release to the public.  You be the judge, see attached/below. 

    Based on the current available information we believe the Dr. Bindleglass should not sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) that requires payment well over market value on a property with known contamination.  The agreement needs to be renegotiated. Signing the original PSA with known contamination is fiscally irresponsible.

    The town must wait until the final results are in (less than 20 days) and a corrective action plan with a timeline are in place so it reduces delays and will not thwart this project. Now more than ever following process and procedure and sequence for this project is of the utmost importance to protect the town.

    June Logie is the Treasurer for Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG). CRG was founded by Easton resident Bud Jennings over 30 years ago and is the oldest PAC in CT. For many years the group acted as a tax watchdog. In more recent years the mission has broadened, and CRG works to protect and sustain the traditional processes of Easton governance, the Town Meeting, by raising awareness regarding important town issues.​ You can learn more about CRG here: https://www.eastoneye.org/

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