• CT AG Tong Says Supreme Court "Failed To Restrain" Trump And Gave Him "Far Too Much Unrestrained Power" After Today's Verdict

    Meanwhile Trump calls the verdict a "big win"

    CT AG Tong (Public Domain)

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    Connecticut Attorney General William Tong released a statement about the verdict in the 6-3 verdict Trump v. The United States.

    Tong was relieved that the Court decided "there is no immunity for unofficial acts."

    However, he wasn't pleased with the verdict.

    "But the Court gave Trump – and all future presidents – far too much unrestrained power for so-called official acts. Even the president – especially the president – must be accountable for abusing the office’s enormous power," said Tong. "Like the dissent, and like well-meaning people across this country, I am concerned today for our democracy – because Donald Trump poses an unprecedent threat to the rule of law, and because the Supreme Court has failed to restrain him."

    Tong still remains hopeful that the District Court will "move forward quickly to apply the new, imperfect test – and to hold Donald Trump accountable for his crimes.”

    Though Tong doesn't spell out exactly what those crimes are.

    Meanwhile, Trump is calling the verdict a "big win for our Constitution and democracy."

    Screenshot, Truth Social

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    Paul A

    Someone needs to tell Tong and the Connecticut legislature that they are representing the people in the majority, in America, following the Constitution that was signed giving freedoms to the people, not the government moving towards socialism/communism. This is the Constitution state. The Supreme Court got it right. Stop trying so hard to change America and get on board or go find the utopia you are looking for elsewhere. Pack the clown car and drive these clowns to the next circus.

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