• CT Congressman Jim Himes Still Touting Vaccine Passports

    February 22, 2023
    Image by RichardMarc, Public Domain

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    US Congressman from Connecticut Jim Himes sent an email on February 21, 2023, to a constituent who was concerned about mandatory covid vaccinations.

    Himes indicated that he agreed that federal government needs to protect and respect Americans’ personal privacy.  

    But then he immediately raised the concept of vaccine passports, and lauded New York and California for creating digital passes that restrict access to public settings and private companies to vaccinated persons only.  

    He emphasized that, “airlines, restaurants, bars, event venues and other private establishments have long held the right to set and enforce their own health and safety requirements.”  And even pointed out that such companies can refuse to accommodate those who “fail” to take experimental covid vaccination.

    Himes went on to discuss compulsory vaccination for school children.  He said that, "every state provides medical exemptions, and many allow their citizens to opt-out on religious or philosophical grounds.  I respect the concerns of parents who maintain deeply held beliefs and agree that lawmakers must take religious freedom protections seriously.”  

    He agrees that lawmakers must “take religious freedom protections seriously"?!

    If that’s really true, then where was Himes when Connecticut legislators voted removed the religious exemption to vaccination nearly two years ago?

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    Does anyone remember seeing him at that massive rally in Hartford?  Did he give testimony to save the religious exemption?  Or attend any of the fundraisers to support the lawsuit aimed at restoring it?  

    As if that’s not tone deaf enough, Himes ends the email with intentional disinformation about covid vaccines by asserting, "claims that the COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe or the cause of physical harm or death have been fully refuted.”  The article he referenced contained further disinformation, including:  covid vaccines don’t impact women’s fertility, vaccine-induced immunity is superior to natural immunity, the vaccines weren’t rushed, and side effects to the vaccine are not dangerous and don’t cause you to get covid.  

    Each one of these statements has been disproven.  

    Covid vaccines have been shown to impact fertility.  Natural immunity is “at least as high, if not higher” than vaccine-induced immunity.  The vaccines by definition were done at “warp speed” on an accelerated time frame.  The more covid shots you get, the more likely you are to get covid.  And given the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) contains 1,521,346 reports on just covid vaccines, including 34,385 deaths, how could any reasonable person reach a conclusion that these vaccines are not dangerous?

    He wrapped up the email by repeating the marketing slogan, “the quicker Americans get vaccinated, the sooner we will end this pandemic” and offered a link to schedule a vaccination appointment.

    Hard to believe that Connecticut just re-elected him in November, isn’t it?

    If you’d like to reach out to Himes to share your thoughts, you can submit a form through his websiteemail him, or call his office at 203-333-6600.

    Don Pesci is a political columnist of long standing, about 40 years, who has written for various state newspapers, among them The Journal Inquirer, the Waterbury Republican American, the New London Day, the Litchfield County Times, the Torrington Register Citizen and other Register Citizen papers. He maintains a blog, among the oldest of its kind in Connecticut, which serves as a repository and archive, for his columns; there are approximately 3,000 entrees in Connecticut Commentary: Red Notes From A Blue State, virtually all of them political columns stretching back to 2004. He also appears once a week Wednesdays on 1080 WTIC Newstalk radio with Will Marotti.


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    As they say this guy is many many sandwiches short of a picnic.

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