• CT Congressman John Larson Is Telling Followers To Order "Free" Covid Tests By Mail Before Friday

    By now, most people are well aware of the limitations of the tests, and seem less concerned about covid since the CDC said to treat it like a seasonal flu.

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    Connecticut Congressman John Larson is telling followers to order "free, at-home COVID tests through the mail" by this Friday.

    We ordered a set of "free" covid tests which are paid for through our tax dollars and are not free.

    We received four 2-packs of CareStart Covid-19 Antigen Home Test kits, made by AccessBio and made available under Emergency Use Authorization. It is not an FDA-approved test.

    The tests expired on February 29, 2024, but "covid science" tells us that covid test expiration dates can be ignored, and the shelf life magically extended because, you know, "covid" so don't even think about questioning "the science" on that. In the case of the CareStart tests we received, for example, the expiration date was shifted to August 29, 2024.

    The fact sheet, written in two-point font size so is barely legible, indicates the tests are meant for non-prescription use for individuals aged 14 and older, and children aged 2 and up with parental supervision. The kits contain two potentially hazardous ingredients, Triton X-100 and n-Lauroylsarcosine sodium salt, which can cause skin irritation upon contact.

    The tests are capable of producing both false positive and false negative results.

    And there is a risk of damage to the small membrane that protects the brain in the event of accidentally pushing the swab up too far. Yes, it does happen, and an October 2020 case report in JAMA Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery actually detailed the case of a woman whose brain membrane was pierced by a COVID test swab resulting in the leakage of cerebrospinal fluid. A second woman in the U.S. had a similar experience.

    But are people still worried about covid and taking tests after the CDC eased up on guidelines and said to treat covid like a flu?

    Well, by the looks of the 96 comments (so far) on this rather tongue-in-cheek post on Next Door in Stamford about testing positive for Covid, most people don't seem worried about covid anymore. While some people reflexively said to "mask up", more reasonable people pointed out that mask science has been debunked, and that even the CDC said that covid is "nothing more than a form of the flu now."

    Screenshot, Next Door

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