• CT Dems "Grateful" Biden Is President, Ignore $5M Payment To Hunter Biden-Linked Account After "Sitting Here With My Father" Message Revealed

    Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, Public Domain.

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    A US House Committee on Ways and Means executive meeting resulted in a vote to release public whistleblower testimony of two IRS employees who worked directly on Hunter Biden's tax evasion case on June 22, 2023. The testimony details misconduct and government abuse at the IRS and the FBI in their investigations of Hunter Biden.

    The allegations demonstrate unequal treatment in enforcing tax law, Department of Justice interference, and retaliation against IRS employees who blew the whistle on the misconduct.

    According to the testimony from Whistleblower #1, Hunter Biden explained, "'I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father, and he would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled."

    The threatening message was sent by Hunter just days before a Hunter Biden-linked account received $5.1 million from a Chinese firm.

    Two days after this shocking whistleblower testimony was revealed, and after the mainstream media (e.g., Fox, ABC) already covered the story, the Connecticut Democrats decided to tweet about their gratitude for Joe Biden being President, leaving reasonable people to wonder what exactly the CT Dems are grateful about. The corruption?

    Source: Twitter

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