• CT GOP Statement Warns: "Democrats Want To Keep Parents Out Of Their Children’s Lives"

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    The Connecticut GOP issued a statement in response to Attorney General William Tong's recent promise to hide student gender from parents. Tong joined an agreement with 16 other states promising to keep gender a secret because he alleged that, “[parents] outing students against their will is dangerous” .

    The CT GOP said that Tong and the CT Dems "are taking the fight against parents to a new level. It’s never been clearer that they believe the government is better suited to raise children than the child’s parents."

    The statement continued, "if Attorney General Tong and his Democrat cohorts have their way, parents would have no say about their children’s physical and psychological health. In the recent words of Joe Biden “These are our kids. These are our neighbors. Not somebody else’s kids, they’re all our kids.” The Government claiming your kids are their (read as the government) kids marks a new chapter in the left’s new world order."

    CTGOP Chairman Ben Proto said, “In other words, Democrats believe that a parent knowing their son now believes he is a girl is dangerous. Democrats believe it is okay for your 7-year-old daughter to decide, on her own, that she is a boy and to take puberty blockers at school without you knowing. The left knows they can’t fully indoctrinate your children until you are out of the picture. Parents are a threat to them; Tong says himself that parents are “dangerous”. The Attorney General’s argument that shielding parents from what is happening in their kids’ lives during the biggest developmental time of their life tells voters everything we need to know. Democrats view your children not as individuals who must be nurtured by their parents, but as tools of the State upon whom to push their radical, false gender identity politics.”

    “Parents are in the best position to understand and provide for their children’s health and well-being. School Boards, teachers, school nurses, and elected officials should be conduits of information for parents, not a replacement for parents.  Kids are not lab rats, and schools, teachers, boards of education, elected officials, and particularly not Attorneys General should not be using children to test their societal realignment theories” Proto concluded.

    By the way, It's not just the government saying "these are our kids" as we noticed that the Greenwich teacher's union, the GEA, says they are "our kids" right on the logo, suggesting that students belong to the union.

    Source: GEA

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