• CT House Dems Surprise Republicans With Early Morning Budget Changes, Despite Saying They Weren't Re-Opening The Budget

    Screenshot, CTN

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    Democrats said they weren't re-opening the budget... but their actions say otherwise.

    "I am questioning the mental gymnastics that Democrats have gone through to try to convince the state of Connecticut that what they are doing today is not a budget. We received the document at 4:30 this morning, after going through it, we can clearly see many appropriations, some new appropriations in line items. We see some money defunded and reappropriated to other priorities. We've even seen adjustments to the revenue schedules," said House GOP Leader Vince Candelora.

    "With all of that, that is a budgetary action which, under our Constitution, requires us to make sure it's a balanced budget," said Rep. Candelora.

    He indicated that when he met earlier in the process with OFA that they weren't sure if it was actual budget adjustment unless revenue was touched.

    The early morning revision includes tax changes, accounts that are swept, and a new adoption of consensus revenue numbers, but the Finance Committee is supposed to adopt new revenue numbers under its statutory and Constitutional obligations.

    Rep. Candelora was clearly upset by the Democrats' sneaky, early morning move.

    "We talk about the fiscal guardrails and protecting them... this document, this budget rams right through all of 'em, and pretends we don't have any fiscal guardrails... it's a little bit disturbing what is being done here," lamented Rep. Candelora.

    "The Governor has lost the argument that he is the great protector of these fiscal guardrails."

    Rep. Candelora is expecting the fiscal note, which they don' have yet, to be in violation of both the spending cap and the revenue cap.

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