• CT Juvenile Justice Equity Dashboard Shows Steady Climb In Delinquent Referrals Since Beginning Of Pandemic

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    When a youth under the age of 18 is arrested in connection with a suspected crime in Connecticut, police officers issue a juvenile summons, and prepare an arrest report that describes the incident, lists the charges, and specifies a court date with a promise to appear signed by the juvenile's parent or guardian. This is called a "delinquent referral" Delinquent referrals mark the starting point of a case in Connecticut's juvenile justice system, which is administered by the Judicial Branch.

    The most recent data on the dashboard, updated through the first quarter of 2023, reveals that juvenile delinquent referrals have been steadily on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic after a significant drop from the end of 2019.

    The first quarter of 2023 included 1,579 total referrals: 641 referrals for black youth, 567 referrals for white youth, 337 referrals for Latino youth and 34 referrals for other races.

    The delinquent referral rate by race reveals that black juvenile delinquent referrals outpaced Latino referrals by almost three times, and white juvenile delinquent referrals by nearly five times.

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