• CT Senator Blumenthal Calling For Ethics Investigation Into Justice Thomas While Ignoring Potential Ethics Issues For Democrat Justices

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    US Senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal spoke in front of the Judiciary Committee earlier this week about the alleged “judicial malpractice" committed by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

    Screenshot of Judiciary Committee Meeting.

    “A lot of the American Public are increasingly seeing the justices as politicians in robes, and now after the revelations about Justice Thomas, as corrupt politicians in robes,” said Blumenthal.

    He lamented about how ethics violations have led to a “crisis of legitimacy” on the Supreme Court. 

    The irony that Blumenthal wants to talk about ethics is rich to say the least.

    Especially since “Da Nang Dick" misrepresented his own military record in Vietnam, and his wife profited from stock trades using the Robinhood trading platform, while at the very same time the Senator and colleagues were calling for investigations into the app.

    Screenshot, Twitter.

    Yes, people do want the truth, Dick.  That is something we can all agree on.

    Like the truth about SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and how she had “inadvertently omitted” consulting income that her spouse had apparently earned on medical malpractice cases, or about reimbursements she allegedly received for travel and board memberships.

    And the truth about that time SCOTUS Justice Sonia Sotomayor failed to recuse herself from copyright infringement cases involving the book publisher (Penguin Random House) that published her very own books and netted her $3.1 million in income.

    What about the truth regarding the Supreme Court abortion ruling leak?  Did social media figure it out first?  Does Blumenthal even care about getting to the bottom of that?

    Of course not.

    This is just another classic case of political bias and projection from a man who helped the Connecticut Communist Party celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of Communist Party USA.

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