• CT State Rep Kimberly Fiorello House District 149, (R-Greenwich) Statement On Project Veritas Video

    August 31, 2022

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    Below is state Rep kim Fiorello's, House District 149, (R-Greenwich), statement on the Project Veritas video. 

    This is what we’re afraid of – that some petty bigot is using our schools to make our children hate members of their own community.

    This elementary school assistant principal is deliberately breaking our state's non-discrimination laws to impose his progressive ideologies on young children. He is also, deliberately, hiring teachers based on their willingness to ignore parents' involvement in their own children's education. 

    He should be immediately fired. The principal of the school should be investigated for a lack of oversight and Greenwich parents should demand action and accountability from the Superintendent. We should know if these discriminatory practices are widespread and if they are tolerated in more of our schools.

    After the COVID interruptions their children experienced and the new insights parents have gained into education as indoctrination, parents are demanding a renewed focus on core knowledge and academic excellence.

    We clearly need more educational choice in Connecticut. This incident confirms our fears that some school administrators are hostile to the needs, values, and traditions of our families. Their bigotry would be less oppressive if more of our families were empowered to vote with their feet.

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    I am so pleased that this bigotry and hatred of Christians has been exposed. We cannot sweep this under the rug.
    These haters need to be removed!

    Amy Williams

    Well said!

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