• CT Town Doing Walk-Through Of Recreation Center To Be Prepared "Just In Case" Migrant Buses Arrive

    February 7, 2024
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    Rumors have been swirling on social media that a busload of migrants is set to unload in Manchester, Connecticut, in the coming days.

    But the Connecticut Centinal has confirmed with Alisha Dumais from the Manchester Recreation Department that there are no specific plans for any buses of migrants to be unloaded in the town as of right now.

    Dumais did, however, say that Manchester town officials are planning to conduct a walk-through at the Mahoney Recreation Center tomorrow, February 8th, to assess the facility and determine how many migrants *could* be housed in the rather large, old school building *should* the need arise.

    In light of the rapidly growing migrant problem in this country, a number of residents are concerned that it's not a matter of "should" the need arise, but "when" the need will arise, especially considering that nearby Hartford is a sanctuary city.

    Officials in Manchester don't want to get caught by surprise, hence tomorrow's walk-through.

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