• D-Day Flag Rejected For 80th Anniversary In Greenwich, But Transgender Pride Flag Is STILL Flying

    The Town failed to mention a planned ceremony for Flag Day, though it announced ceremonies to coincide with flag raisings for Pride Month and Juneteenth

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    The Town of Greenwich should be ashamed.

    Veteran and long-time Greenwich resident David Wold, who attended the 75th D-Day Anniversary Celebration in Normandy with local D-Day veterans, requested a special celebration and flag raising for the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

    It's not like people didn't know this occasion was coming, the day has been 80 years in the making. Wold even ordered a special flag to commemorate the day.

    But his emails to Town hall seemed to fall on deaf ears.

    He emailed on May 6, 2024, to add the flag raising request to the Board of Selectmen's meeting agenda. That request was denied.

    "The agenda for the May 9 meeting closed on April 29. Unfortunately this will not have enough time to be heard before D-Day itself but thank you for suggesting it," said Ken Borsuk who is the assistant to Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo.

    Wold lamented, "The 80th Anniversary of D-Day only comes around only once.”

    But that didn't seem to matter to the Greenwich Board of Selectmen, or at least to Borsuk, who may be acting as a gatekeeper for Camillo.

    Flash forward to the early days of June, and Wold was still trying to get the Town to do something to acknowledge the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

    Then the Town seemed to scramble in the days before June 6th and slapped together an indoor ceremony at the last minute. First Selectman Camillo failed to make a special email announcement about the D-Day event nor was it mentioned in his "Community Connections" email leading up to D-Day. It was only added to the calendar at the last minute, and as a result, was lightly attended.

    Wold was told he could bring his D-Day flag.

    The First Selectman’s office got his hopes up that the commemorative D-Day flag would have an opportunity to fly for a day, despite the flag policy put in place earlier in the year. It seemed like the decision would be up to the First Selectman to pay respect to those brave soldiers, many of whom gave their lives, to fight for the freedoms we enjoy today.  It would also mean taking down the Pride flag for the remainder of the day.

    But no.

    Wold's flag was rejected, and instead the transgender progress pride flag flew over Town Hall on D-Day.

    Adding insult to injury, First Selectman Camillo sent out his weekly Community Connections newsletter which showed the Town of Greenwich had no official plans or ceremony arranged for Flag Day on June 14th, much to the disappointment of veterans, military family members and patriots everywhere.

    Today’s newsletter did, however, announce a celebration for Juneteenth on June 19th.

    Of course, there's still time to arrange a celebration for Flag Day, so Wold is pushing for support.

    David Wold at Greenwich Town Hall.

    Wold stood in front of Town Hall on D-Day, holding his commemorative flag. More than a hundred passing cars honked and waved to acknowledge the solemn day and Wold's dedication to celebrate and honor those brave soldiers who fought for our freedom.

    First Selectman Camillo has since promised to make D-Day part of the annual flag raising celebrations in Greenwich, which seemed like nothing more than an afterthought.

    Wold said, "Announcing that this now will be an Annual Event under your administration, is a ‘Dollar short and Day late…’ But, God willing, I will be around hold your feet to it."

    We need more patriots like David Wold in this world.

    Wold flying the D-Day flag.

    David Wold is a Greenwich resident. He is originally from Norway where he completed his military service. Nowadays, he dedicates time to remembering veterans, honoring memorials and engaging in other patriotic initiatives in Greenwich.

    War Memorial in Greenwich.

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