• Democrats Have Abandoned Working Class Americans

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    The fiction that the Democrat party is "the party of working class people" is being exposed by liberal advocates. In fact, they confirm that the Democrat party is actually acting against the interests of the working class voters. 

    In his article, “The Coming Working Election,” Ruy Texeira, a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and co-founder and politics editor of the Substack newsletter, The Liberal Patriot, discusses how out of touch the people he describes as the Brahmin Left are that have taken over the Democrat party. He posits that the Brahmin Left support issues that are opposed by working class voters. He lists and comments on the following issues: 

    • It is not the working class that sees the police as an unnecessary evil and opposes rigorous enforcement of the law for public safety and public order.

    • It is not the working class that believes public consumption of hard drugs should be tolerated, with intervention limited to reviving addicts when they overdose.

    • It is not the working class that believes many crimes like shoplifting should be decriminalized because punishing the perpetrators would have “disparate impact”.

    • It is not the working class that believes you should never refer to illegal immigrants as “illegal” and that border security is somehow a racist idea.

    • It is not the working class that believes an overwhelming surge of migrants at the southern border should be accommodated with asylum claims, parole arrangements, and release into urban areas around the country.

    • It is not the working class that believes competitive admissions and job placements should be allocated on the basis of race (“equity”) not merit.

    • It is not the working class that views objective tests as fundamentally flawed if they show racial disparities in achievement.

    • It is not the working class that believes America is a structurally racist, white supremacist society.

    • It is not the working class that sees patriotism as a dirty word and the history of the United States as a bleak landscape of racism and oppression.

    • It is not the working class that thinks sex is “assigned at birth” and can be changed by self-conception, rather than being an objective, biological reality.

    • It is not the working class that thinks it’s a great idea to police the language people use for hidden “microaggressions” and bias against the “marginalized”.

    • And it is definitely not the working class that believes in “decolonize everything” and manages to see murderous thugs like Hamas as righteous liberators of a subaltern people.”

    The reason for the failure of Democrats to advance policies that are not in sync with the interests of working class voters is because the Brahmin Left currently controls the Democrat party. This group is highly-educated, progressive left thinking and controls the party.

    According to Thomas Pikkety a French economist, the Democrat party has been a party that has shifted its base from the party of slavery and the party of poor whites, and has evolved through the party of the New Deal and to its current state of being the party of intellectual elites and minorities alike.

    One group that has been excluded from the current state of this new Democrat party is the working class. They get up every day and go to work earn a pay check usually at a job that they cannot zoom into and watch their purchasing power shrink daily from rampant inflation.

    The Green energy policies of the elitist ways of the party are also destructive to the working class that actually have to pay for their energy consumption. 

    Take home heating oil (the untaxed version of diesel gas), which initially tripled under Biden; it is now only double what it was when President Trump left office, but this sharp increase  is forcing working class people and poor people, to suffer through our cold winters without adequate heat. 

    Food price inflation is forcing working class and the poor to change their diets to less meat protein with lower costs cuts of meat in their diet. Credit card debt has soared and interest rates on this debt make it even more painful. The interest rates on car loans have gone way up making new cars less affordable. 

    Middle class businesses, which have been a path for upward social mobility under our capitalistic system of economics, are under stress as many more are failing thanks to the crime, higher interest rates, higher labor costs and impossible regulation. Under the current administration, there is no end in sight.

    Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans are standing up for working class voters. We are against all of the policies listed by Ruy Teixeira.

    We are the party that believes in equality for everyone regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sex and sexual orientation. Martin Luther King and his “I have a Dream Speech” would be a speech for a Republican today as the party has shifted to the leadership of the Brahmin Left. We are a country of opportunity to live out the American Dream and the only party that offers this today is the Republican party.

    It is time for the working class voters to realize that the Democrats have abandoned them and they in turn should stop voting for Democrats and vote instead for Republicans. 

    They should walk away like Brandon Straka and his walk away movement to educate democrats about the reality of their party that deserted them so long ago.

    As a candidate for Congress I was born into a middle class family of small business owners and I stand for working class values.

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    Dr. Michael Goldstein

    Dr. Michael Goldstein is running for U.S. Congress. You can learn more about his campaign here: https://goldsteinforcongress.com/

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    Paul A

    Not only have a faction of the “democrats” abandoned the working class., they are actively working against the best interests of this great opportunistic country. Maybe they should be open about their direction and call themselves and there intentions what they truly are instead of hiding in plain site taking advantage and cover in the democrat party as they try to change the fabric of this capitalistic, country that affords all an opportunity. We see who you are. We are not being deceived.


    Democrats are traitors and are destroying America.

    Michael J Hohnstein

    Get real, it's all down hill from the indoctrination facilities that were universities once up on a time in a land far, far away. Kind of like the Antebellum South. Can't say the world hasn't gone to Hell since that civil war.

    Ed S.

    The Democrats haven't shifted its base from the party of slavery; they're still in charge only it's not as it was, it's by welfare, food stamps, housing projects, etc. that is the modern day slave plantation where there's no intent on actually helping individuals to leave by improving themselves but to further their decline through greater dependence and servitude. Sure occasionally the Democrat throw a bone as appeasement but only so long to quiet them.


    What would Noam Chomsky say these days of the great champions of the working class?

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