• Dems’ Manmade Energy Crisis Hits New England: Granholm Begs Governors To Increase Fuel Inventories

    September 1, 2022
    Image by Merlin Elsner

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    For years, liberal states in New England opposed gas pipelines in the name of combatting climate change, yet now that ideological opposition is coming back to haunt them as the region faces a fuel shortage months before cold weather even starts.

    The Department of Energy recently sent New England governors a letter begging them to increase fuel inventories through all legal measures ahead of winter. According to the data, fuel inventories in the region are running well below average. Now, the region is serving as a cautionary tale for all who seek to abandon fossil fuels.

    “Years of policy choices to limit pipeline infrastructure means New England must rely more heavily on oil and gas reserves and imports,” Heritage Foundation’s Research Fellow at the Center for Energy, Climate and Environment Katie Tubb told The Daily Wire...

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