• Destabilizing Children: Are Schools Conducting A “Psy-Op” On Our Kids?

    August 26, 2022
    Destabilizing Children: Are Schools Conducting A “Psy-Op” On Our Kids?

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    Recently I’ve been told that Republican Political candidates have been given the message to “back off CRT and Education” in their campaigns. This is part of the post primary strategy RINO’s often use to “move back to the middle.”

    Could it be that Teachers Unions are feeling the heat? Or is it just cowardice on the part of candidates to address real issues?

    You may say this is all part of the political game. When you hear what I am about to write about, you will change your tune. Ignoring Education during this election is dangerous for our kids.

    I had an opportunity to hear Deborah Fillman last week. What she described is not only chilling, but outright frightening to anyone who cares about children and our country.

    Deborah’s site is “The Reason We Learn” (debfillman.com). She is a homeschool mom of three teenagers with over ten years of homeschool experience. She has a Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and is an ex-teacher. She has a blog and a podcast. (links at end of article)

    Deborah started out with the statement that all the other stuff, CRT, DEI, Gender lessons, etc. pales in comparison to the damage of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in our schools. The reason is that SEL is the OPERATING SYSTEM of our children’s minds that not only allows all those different pogroms of the left in but is the conduit that elicits data mined information out in the form of obedience.

    It is an insidious, stealthy form of indoctrination.

    This is nothing new to many of us. I wrote last week that our children are not only being data mined for info about how best to manipulate them but also for information about their parents. Here’s the link:

    Why Do They Want Our Children? – Radio Free Oxford

    There are many books out there that describe what is going on. I’ll include links to some of them later. Deb’s description of SEL as an OPERATING SYST is supported by examples I have seen and heard.

    Every week I compile different articles and videos showing how schools are teaching our children to be activists instead of scholars, practice racial animosity and division instead of acceptance, believe in group think instead of individuality, accept mental illness as the norm versus the exception, and support gender confusion instead of clarity. It’s a huge trash pile of bad ideas and corruption. If you want to see these, go to this page.

    And SEL is the conduit and foundation for all of it.

    It starts at an early age and in a way that may seem innocent. For example, watch this video of a Kindergarten teacher:

    The teacher is giving children information that forces them to ignore what they see in order to complete an action. Notice that some of the kids look at others to figure out what to do. They learn not to follow their inner voice but look to those around them to determine what they should think and feel. The danger in this is that kids will just go with what the crowd does. It may not seem extreme, it’s merely shapes and colors, right? These are kids learning shapes and colors. It scrambles their logic.

    These are strategies that are used in behavior modification and coercion in totalitarian societies to induce compliance of their populations.

    Children learn that it is normal for a person in authority to tell them to ignore what they know is right and follow everyone else. Great thing for a tyrannical government, not so good for freedom. It’s a way to convince kids that the truth is not the truth, and that their parents and family are not to be trusted as a source of truth. Only government, the mainstream media, big corporations will tell them what is right.

    Does this provide an explanation for some of the events happening right now? Why is it that some people believe that BLM didn’t burn and loot in 2020? Why do they believe the inconsistencies from the CDC and WHO regarding Covid and the dangers of the vaccine? The government merely told them they didn’t see what they saw. People looked around to see if others followed the government, found those that did and believed it also. Even though it was not true.

    It’s why children can be convinced that their physical gender is not their gender. Or why a grandchild tells his grandmother that she lied to him when she told him men can’t have babies.

    The child is alienated from the family and his/herself. The collective is rewarded with another acolyte.

    Why would schools do this to children?

    It’s important to understand that the schools are being bought and sold. At a recent school board meeting in our area, the system touted a new grant. Here is how it is described:

    Talbot County Public Schools is one of three school districts in the State of Maryland to be awarded a Maryland Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education II (MD-AWARE II) grant by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). The purpose of the grant is to develop a comprehensive, coordinated, and integrated model for advancing wellness and resilience in educational settings for school-aged youth. 

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    TCPS will use these funds to expand the school district’s Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework to provide sustenance for social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students.  This initiative places a strong emphasis and priority on mental health services.  The goals of the program may include but are not limited to: access to mental health, mindfulness, trauma informed, wrap around, parent navigators, teacher consultants, behavior specialist, Youth Mental Health First Aid training, and restorative practices. This is a 5-year grant for $300,000 per year, pending continued available federal funding.  Planning has begun for the expanded services to begin in early 2021.

    Sounds great, doesn’t it? Who would turn down 1.5 million dollars? Also, this grant promises better behaved students, more mentally stable students, and a kinder, gentler school system that will solve the mental health issues of the children. The school system did a video with Principals proclaiming how great the program was, how it helped with discipline, etc. No one could question the great things happening because of this testimony. Except there’s a catch. One is shown in a clip of a Kindergarten teacher doing mental health exercises with her class.

    The short clip shows a kindergarten class where a teacher asks how many of them are “sad today.” They ALL raise their hands (some after they check out what everyone else is doing), so the teacher tells them to lay on their backs and “belly breathe.” They are taught to embrace their sadness, put it aside, and “self-regulate.” One needs to self-regulate in order to prevent disruption to the group. No doubt that children will eventually be evaluated on this ability. At the very least, teachers will be evaluated on their abilities to deliver SEL.

    The teacher here doesn’t have ill intent. She is doing what she thinks is right for kids. If she can teach them to suppress and ignore their emotions and intuition, life will be better for them and her, right? Not necessarily.

    This program, like so many other government programs, are built on a slim layer of good intentions and visions. Unfortunately, when reality hits, they don’t deliver and in fact can do harm to children.

    The intent of the program is better behaved students, more mentally stable students, and better academic progress. Sadly, this is not what is happening. Last year, bomb threats and fights were rife in the system and teachers tell of students as young as kindergarten who are “out of control.”

    For the system, the reward in the grant is many new counselor positions and over 400 mental health incidents for them to handle in the schools. They are pleased about since this exceeds the total cases they have had for twenty years. They laud the fact that they are better trained in spotting mental health problems. It’s similar to how the thresholds on the original COVID tests were made more sensitive to find more cases of Covid, even if they didn’t really exist. It’s also called job security and a way to demand more money from the state.

    Stifling a child’s intuition and gut feelings is dangerous. Children have to learn to trust their intuition and their parents’ warnings to differentiate right from wrong, good from bad. We used to train kids that if their intuition tells them something is wrong, they need to follow that intuition. It’s what helps them stay safe from predators. SEL gets rid of that intuition and individuality. It tells students to act as the “collective” and follow the crowd.

    Meanwhile, our children are being turned into robots following a hive mind that tells them what to think, what to do, and how to act. They will grow up to believe that the values of an authoritarian government and the community are more important than the values and beliefs of their families and themselves, more important than rights and freedom. The truth will be found in one source, those in charge and their followers. Individuality will be not only discouraged but ostracized and punished. Living outside the accepted values will not only be frowned upon, but impossible. You need only look to China, Cuba, and Nazi Germany for the model.

    The strategies employed in Social Emotional Learning are plentiful. In the classroom itself, “generative themes” will be used to teach reading, math, and every other content area. This term was coined by Paulo Freire, a Brazilian Communist teacher who used this technique to connect themes of “oppression” to teach his students. He felt that this would move them to “social action” and then to Communism. He taught the poor to read by using texts that reinforced the fact that there is an upper class that keeps them in poverty. It’s a two for one approach that is supposed to teach people to read and how to be activists. It does the latter more effectively than the former.

    Every subject will be underlined with SEL. We see that in classroom frameworks and lesson materials such as these:

    Of course, teachers will become mental health counselors with SEL, something they are neither trained in or capable of being. However, like the kindergarten teacher described above, they will practice junk psychotherapy that will not only NOT help students but could potentially harm them. They won’t knowingly do that, they will just be told to do it and will accept it as part of their job and obligation to their students. They believe that all kids who walk into the school need parenting, and that is their job. This will open the door for all kinds of indoctrination to be brought into the classroom such as what is above.

    Children who are taught to believe the teacher and not their parents will be like sponges soaking in these concepts. It will be Orwell’s 1984, only worse.

    If the SEL in school isn’t enough to set you over the edge, there will be the intrusion through technology at home. Every time I go on Facebook, I see multiple companies promoting programs that will allow students to communicate with school staff after school hours. This is not merely texting or messaging, it is face to face video conversations from your home. This has become a 7 Billion dollar enterprise in 2022.

    One such program is called “Along.” You can find it at along.org. Here is the info they share about their app:

    The students reply with an email, message or video. The app promises that the data collected will only be for educational purposes.

    If you believe they won’t sell data, maybe you should know who is on the Board of Directors of the company that provides this app, Summit Learning. Her name might be familiar:

    Yes, Mark Zuckerberg’s wife. And we know how Mark likes to sell data on people.

    It’s not surprising that she is here. She is also involved in another big SEL Company, CASEL. More on that later.

    At first this app may seem harmless. But, there are a couple of things to consider. First, this is an opportunity for an activist teacher to pose one of those generative themes to students without parental knowledge. A child can be sitting in his/her bedroom answering questions about many different, and possibly inappropriate, topics.

    Second, even though they claim there will be no data maintained or sold, they say it will be used for “educational purposes.” What exactly does that mean? It could be providing data for a mental health professional (or activist) to decide your home is not a good place for your child. And if you honestly think your data will be secure, you are not paying attention.

    Also, do you want your child’s teacher encroaching on your home after school hours? It’s an invasion of privacy AND a blurring of the necessary professional boundaries between an adult teacher and a minor child.

    Also, many of these apps allow kids to go through them to other websites, some which may be more adult in nature. When you leave the app, the history is erased so that parents may not know where the child has been online.

    All of these are generated and approved by a group called CASEL,

    Who is CASEL? They are the “Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning”. This is their stated mission:

    Any time you see SEL or a company that supports SEL, you will find CASEL. Their mission sounds so nice, so warm and fuzzy. CASEL has created a “framework” for SEL in schools throughout the world.

    Here’s a quote from an article by Kimberly Ells in THE FEDERALIST, August 23 regarding SEL, CASEL and the United Nations

    “CASEL has positioned itself as the world leader on SEL standards and has a cooperative relationship with UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). These two entities are united in their zeal to weave SEL into all school subjects and to deliver it to all children everywhere.”

    But why? Again from the Ells article:

    “In short, proponents of the sustainable development goals and SEL want to instill “pluralistic thinking” in your child in the name of global peace. They (The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization or UNESCO) want children to be taught to value the “collective good” over individual liberties, rights, and property despite the fact that the freest, most prosperous nations in the world are founded on individual liberties, rights, and property.”

    All to support a global, one world government rule where individuals own nothing and have no freedom.

    UN Program Teaching Kids ‘SEL’ Really Seeks To Kill Individualism (thefederalist.com)

    Your child is being taught to be one of the collective via a grand psy-op.

    Not surprising when you look at who is behind CASEL:

    There they are. Everyone knows the havoc the Gates Foundation has created in the world. And there is Chan Zuckerberg again. There are other foundations, one involved heavily in Artificial Intelligence, one run by friends of Bill and Malinda Gates and former employees of Microsoft, and many from the West Coast, specifically Washington State and California.

    One of the most alarming things is that CASEL has a “pledge” that people must sign on to. It’s so important that they made a video of people taking that pledge, including the National Education Association President Becky Pringle and the American Federation of Teachers President Randy Weingarten. These are people who cannot bring themselves to pledge to the freedom and liberty of our country, but can go right in line with this:

    YouTube Poster

    So, with this built into everything, what can parents do to prevent this psy-op from being perpetrated on their child?

    1. Pay attention to every single program brought into your school. Look at the books, online resources etc, that your kid brings home. Do not let your child use the computer without being able to monitor what he/she is doing.
    2. Go to school board meetings. Pay attention to STATE School Board initiatives and the Department of Education programs and grants. Vote for candidates who support parental rights.
    3. Get to know your child’s teacher. Let the teacher know where you stand on issues and that you are there to support him/her in teaching your child but also that there are boundaries that YOU believe in.
    4. Homeschool if you can. If you can’t, supplement your child’s learning at home.
    5. Use Opt out forms for any surveys of your child in school.
    6. Look for certain language, collective, feelings, equity, transformational; look for your child discussing gender, pronoun choice, etc. Anything that strikes you as wrong requires accountability.
    7. Go to school PTA and open houses. Look at books available in the media center and check them for inappropriate themes. Take pictures if need be.
    8. Let school personnel know that you are the parent and will be involved in all decisions regarding your child.
    9. Teach your child skills like woodworking, gardening, money management; skils that support self-sufficiency, etc.
    10. Teach them to tell teachers “My name is…” rather than pronouns. Also teach them to say, ” I belong to my parents (family, etc.).”
    11. Tell your kids every day that you love them.

    One of the most important things you can do is VOTE. Get to know school board candidates and what they stand for. On the State level, look at what candidates stand for. In Maryland, we have one candidate who stands for Parental rightsDan Cox, and one who stands for expanded government school powers, Wes Moore. Here is one of Moore’s priorities:

    Notice the use of “restorative processes” in this statement. This is the same thing that caused the Parkland Shooting

    Here are three of Cox’s education priorities: (for more info go to coxforfreedom.com)

    If you want parental rights, vote for the candidates that support them. Candidates like Dan Cox.

    Some school systems are farther along in the SEL psy-op than others. Friends who have children in school in California, New York, and Washington State describe the accelerated indoctrination. But, in every state, there are plenty of educators who are jumping on the bandwagon either by their own gullibility, indoctrination, coercion, or even greed.

    And it is definitely here in Maryland.

    Parents need to be vigilant. Regardless of why SEL is in your child’s classroom, it needs to be removed. Schools are treating all students like they need to be “parented.” They think they can do that better than you.

    They can’t and we can’t let them try. End the psy-op on our kids!

    Tell candidates you want them to commit to the removal of SEL, CRT, Gender indoctrination in their campaigns!


    Deb Fillman: The Reason We Learn Podcast, thereasonwelearn.substack.com

    James Lindsay; New Discourses Podcast


    Battle for the American Mind, Pete Hegseth


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