• Devout Christian In Guilford Frustrated Over Political "Pride" Agenda Promoted In School

    Guilford High School Pride Display

    Students at Guilford High School were treated to an LBTGQ+ celebration in the commons area. Since this area is also the school cafeteria, you could say that your presence was mandatory. Pride flags, buttons, and other items were available for purchase. You couldn't walk through the school without running into a Pride flag. How nice for the school to take money from students to support their pet cause.

    Proceeds went to the Trevor Project, an alleged grooming site, last year. This year they will go to Guilford Pride. Guilford had their first Pride event in the town center this year. Guilford High School sent a notice to students encouraging them to march in support. Community service hours would be your reward for doing so. Liberal moms couldn't resist the chance to virtue signal and bring the kids. What's better than seeing people cross dress?

    With all of this love and acceptance you'd think I would be thrilled. The problem is that I'm not a sheep. I am a devout Christian and unashamed. I am not afraid to say that the Emperor has no clothes. This is why I called out the school. 

    They are shoving the political agenda of the Trans Movement down the throats of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim students. All families of these faiths, if they truly follow the teachings, cannot celebrate, voice approval, or participate in anyway, period! They do not hate or judge. They would be the last to do so. Still, the school feels entitled to guide them into this culture. The kids are too afraid to speak out, and so are their parents. You will be punished for doing so.

    So why does the school think it's fine to do this?  They have the blessing of the immoral liberal super majority in town. Our spineless First Selectman, Matt Hoey, may be the biggest hypocrite in Connecticut. There is not a backside he won't kiss, as long as it's a woke one. Then he'll sit in church on Sunday as though God wasn't aware of what he does every other day of the week. 

    I would argue that the Trans Movement is not only political, but also a religion. Secular values are the new religion to certain people. Might this be a Constitutional violation that has gone unpunished?

    If you have read this far then I imagine you have courage.

    We need parents to keep fighting and never give up. You'll be amazed by the peace you'll feel when you stop caring about what others think of you. Stay true to God and your values, and know that today you made a stand for the innocent. As parents we can do no less.

    Signed by A Guilford Indian


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    Amy Williams

    Amen! I stand with you! Thank you, for your courage!

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