• Did Lamont Really Just Say That About Trump's Chances In Connecticut?

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    President Joe Biden held an emergency meeting with Democrat governors this week in the wake of his disastrous debate performance and recent polling data.

    While some governors, like New York's Gov. Kathy Hochul showed full support for Biden during the meeting, others including Gov. Ned Lamont and Maine's Gov. Janet Mills reportedly wondered what the path forward really looked like for Biden.

    In fact, the Daily Mail is reporting that both Lamont and Mills questioned whether Biden could even beat Donald Trump in their respective states.

    Imagine that.

    A Democrat hasn't lost in Connecticut or Maine since 1988.  

    Of course we've heard plenty of chatter that Connecticut is more purple and perhaps even more red than most people think.

    But it's really surprising to hear a Democrat like Lamont admit that "Trump could win Connecticut".

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    JUST REMEMBER. everyone makes poop

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