• Do Greenwich Teachers Support The Union's Strategic Direction?

    Screenshot, GEA Website.

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    The Greenwich Education Association (GEA) is part of the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) which is part of the National Education Association (NEA).  

    That means the union dues paid by your children’s teachers in Greenwich are flowing directly to the NEA to support the union’s highly politicized, progressive agenda.

    How will that dues money be spent over the next year?

    Well, the NEA is planning to invest $580k to fight for LGBTQ rights, including promoting access to gender-affirming care, pronoun training for teachers, and helping to support student transitions. Whether the parents are notified about student transitions is another story.  Especially since CT Attorney General Tong promised to hide student gender from parents.  It sure makes you wonder if Greenwich teachers agree with Tong that student gender should be hidden from parents, doesn’t it?

    The NEA also promised it would continue to promote "banned books" that contain sexually-explicit images and content for children, glorify the use of pornography, and normalize transgenderism. The union even promoted a book that features a chapter on incestuous statutory rape in a massive banner flown at the recent NEA meeting in Florida.

    The GEA retweeted NEA’s recommendations for books like “I Am Jazz” which celebrates transgenderism to elementary schoolers, and “This Book Is Gay” which has been rated “not for minors” due to extremely explicit content and graphic images.  Do all of the teachers in Greenwich agree with promoting books like this to students?  

    The NEA also recently partnered with the controversial group GLSEN to recommend resources to teachers, like The Pronoun Form For Educators which encourages teachers to conduct a survey to ask student's choice of name and pronouns, and which name to use around parents.  Another resource, the “Gender Triangle”, promotes radical gender ideology, including the idea that puberty can be controlled through medicine, specifically through the use of hormone replacement therapy.  GLSEN also says that the most important thing about Science and Sexual Health education is to "dismantle the polarizing way of thinking" that sex is a binary.

    Do all Greenwich teachers support these views?  Like the idea that "sex assigned at birth" may not be congruent with your gender identity or expression?  Or that puberty can be controlled with the same drugs used to chemically castrate sex offenders?

    On top of lesson plans, NEA recommends GLSEN policies, which include support for biological boys competing in sports against biological girls so long as they identify as girls.  Even Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy just admitted that there are biological differences between men and women. Do all Greenwich teachers support biological boys playing on the same sports teams as biological girls? 

    If Greenwich teachers (or any other Connecticut teachers for that matter) disagree with the NEA’s direction, we wonder why they would continue to hand their hard-earned money over to the union for dues every year?  Could teachers unions days be numbered?  Will teachers defund the union in the same way that consumers defunded Target after its partnership with GLSEN was revealed?  

    While it may seem scary to leave the union, teachers should know that there are terrific organizations like Constitution State Educators that can help guide them through the process.  

    Why not be brave if you disagree with the union's agenda, and so something about it?

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