• Dr. Aaron Lewis Slams Greenwich Thought Police Committee

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    Dr. Aaron Lewis—an acclaimed author, entrepreneur, humanitarian, political commentator and the founder of Lewis Liberty Ledger—was asked about the new Greenwich Thought Police committee and web and phone reporting system the committee plans on rolling out to "promote civility" in town.

    His initial reaction upon hearing about the committee was shock.

    "I think it's racist by another name," exclaimed Dr. Lewis.

    "It's offensive and it's racist because first of all... this is laughable to me because it doesn't seem real, it doesn't seem like it's happening," says Dr. Lewis. "A task force to police what people say? In a country who speaks of free speech and expression? That is the most ridiculous concept in the world!"

    He says that such a task force is just "racism by another name" and asserts that the best way to hide racism is to "act like you are the one that is going to deliver the world from racism."

    He views the Greenwich Thought Police committee as another way to keep black people at "the bottom of the totem pole."

    "What they [the Greenwich Thought Police] are doing is trying to manipulate what we say, how we express what we express so that 'they' and ... you all can fill in the blank on who 'they' is, can have 'their' way with 'their' agenda. That's the bottom line. So we're going to demonize certain words and other words will be allowed," said Dr. Lewis who called the hate speech committee a "sickening concept".

    You can watch the full interview with Dr. Aaron Lewis below.

    The segment mentioning Greenwich starts around the 26:15 minute mark.

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