• Dr. Fauci's Appearance At Yale School Of Medicine Commencement On May 22 To Draw Protest By Medical Freedom Groups -- Now 9am In Amistad Park

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci will be speaking at Yale School of Medicine's Commencement on Monday, May 22, 2023.

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    He was selected as Commencement Speaker in December 2022.

    Yale’s announcement celebrated Fauci's proudest accomplishments, including his work with HIV/AIDS, and his "leading role" in promoting medical and public health preparedness during covid.

    Of course, now Fauci doesn’t want to be blamed for his role in the pandemic, especially since his lies, for example about Remdesivir, likely cost people their lives.  The same is true with the constant repetition of the false narrative that covid vaccines are safe and effective when they are neither.  And let’s not ever forget the harm caused by masking children for hours upon hours every day at school when Fauci himself said masks were "not really effective at keeping out a virus".

    While Fauci and others may want shrug off any personal blame, pro-medical freedom advocates in Connecticut will never forget, and have called for a protest against his appearance at Yale. 

    Attendees will be gathering on May 22 at NEW LOCATION - AMISTAD PARK in New Haven, and begin protesting at 9AM.  (Note this is the tentative location and could be subject to a last minute change, so do check back here before you go!)

    Parking is limited, so protestors are encouraged to reserve a spot in advance using SpotHero.

    Speakers at the rally will include Kevin Jenkins, Dr. James Lyon-Weiler and Dr. Cordie Williams.

    The protest has been organized by Connecticut Residents Against Medical Mandates, and We The Patriots USA, and promoted by CT Liberty Rally.

    Protestors are kindly being reminded not to block any entrances, exits, or driveways, and remain on public sidewalks at all times during the event. No one attending the protest may harass, threaten, or otherwise intimidate anyone attending any of Yale’s commencement activities, or this protest. 

    You can find more information about the protest here.


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