• Dr. William Makis: "Ivermectin Can Help With mRNA Induced Turbo Cancer, Or Regular Cancers"

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    Radiologist, oncologist and cancer researcher Dr. William Makis is getting a lot of attention over his research showing how ivermectin can help cancer patients.

    He shared a long list of articles, along with the protocols for treating cancer with ivermectin.

    He argues that ivermectin has a dozen anti-cancer mechanisms which can be summarized into two major categories: those that inhibit cancer proliferation signaling pathways and those that inhibit cancer stem cells.

    Dr. Makis asserts ivermectin works on 'turbo cancer' caused from covid shots as well as on regular cancers.

    He's also covered the fenbendazole protocol and how that has been used to shrink tumors and improve cancer markers in Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.

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