• Enfield Drag Queen Story Hour Is Back On, But At A Different Location

    February 14, 2024
    Enfield Pride Rally

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    Greg Gray, the President of Enfield Pride and Pastor of the United Church of Christ, just announced that Enfield Pride found a new location for Drag Queen Story Hour.

    The news comes a couple weeks after Gray cancelled a previously-scheduled story hour with drag queen Felicity V. Lay due to a perceived "insinuation of violence".

    Felicity V. Lay told NBC News that, “The cancellation of the story hour made me feel very hurt and disappointed." He said he just likes "to wear pretty dresses" and that kids like to look at him because they think he's a princess.

    "They are being very aggressive towards this event and the parents bringing children to these events. We do not want to expose children to that," said Gray when asked about cancelling the original event by Fox News.

    Ironically, many community members felt exactly the same way as Gray — that children should not be exposed that.

    Except by "that" these community members mean drag queen story events like the one sponsored by Enfield Pride, and especially ones hosted by drag queens who make public social media posts about being stoned, fisting, porn stars or "showing hole".

    One parent especially upset by Lay's remarks on television told the Centinal that, "innocent children should never be used to indulge a grown man in entertaining his sexual fantasy of being a woman. How can anyone think that it's okay to expose children to that? Has the world lost its mind?"

    The Centinal covered the original story, which included a review of the rather sexually-explicit social media posts made by a man who was meant to read to innocent, young children while wearing a "pretty dress" and pretending to be a princess.

    Felicity V. Lay restricted his social media for approved followers only after being exposed by the Centinal for making the racy posts.

    Screenshot, X.

    Enfield Pride's announcement on Facebook about the rescheduled event indicates that it's taking place at the Connecticut State Community College Asnuntuck Library on April 20th at 10am. The post, which shows "83 people are interested" in drag queen story hour, has generated 34 comments so far.

    The first half of the comments express delight that the event is back on, while the remaining half are highly critical and question why a man dressed in drag would want so desperately to read books to young children.

    Those critical of the event wish that Enfield Pride would just "leave the kids alone" once and for all.

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