• FEC Records Show Democratic Rep. Jahana Hayes Used Campaign Funds To Pay Family Thousands Of Dollars

    July 18, 2022

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    A fundraising group authorized by Democratic Connecticut Rep. Jahana Hayes has paid her family tens of thousands of dollars, using campaign contributions from donors to pay them since entering Congress, FEC records reviewed by the Daily Caller show.

    During Q4 2021, Hayes used her campaign fund, called “Friends of Jahana Hayes,” to pay her son $15,118.54 since entering Congress. In 2018, the Hartford Courant reported Hayes’ son David Crenshaw, age 24, joined Hayes to celebrate her Congressional victory. The FEC records, reviewed by the Daily Caller, show that Hayes paid over $15,000 in increments of $282.47 each to a person with the name David Crenshaw under the category of “Payroll”.

    Asia Clermont is Hayes’ daughter. “‘I told my class that my mom was the National Teacher of the Year and that my family had met President Obama,’ said Asia Clermont, 28, the oldest of Hayes’ four children. ‘And I thought that would be the highlight of her life and her career,'” she added, according to the News Times.

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    A. Patchen

    In late May 2022: FOX News'Tucker Carlson'has a Video Clip of President Joe B., giving Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas instructions that he wants unbridled unrelenting unlimited surging of our USA Borders till all American Whites become the minority! (Please do an Article on this ; and why no Petition to Impeach him, nor Mayorkas, nor by Congress. No comment/lawsuit I know of by Gregg Abbott,etc.

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