• Fight In Girls Room At Staples High School In Westport Leads To Investigation, Action By School

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    A fight erupted in the girls restroom at Staples High School in Westport last week.

    One girl can be seen getting into the face of second girl and screaming, “B*tch come on, so you do something... do something! Then do something, b*tch, do something!!”

    Initially, the second girl responded by saying, "do you think I give a f*ck?" before she eventually poked the first girl in the face, prompting the first girl to strike back.

    The girls start to struggle, with hair pulling and lots of punches being thrown. At one point, one of the girls suggests the other might pepper spray her. A third girl then comes over in what appears to be an attempt to stop the fight. But a fourth girl races over, strikes the third girl in the face and throws her to the floor, where the pair continued to struggle.

    As is the case with school fights these days, multiple people stood on the sidelines and recorded the fight, rather than attempting to break it up or seek an adult for help.

    Staples Principal Stafford Thomas issued a statement regarding the incident that seemed to focus more on the recording of the fight than the actual fight itself.

    Screenshot, SHS Statement

    In the statement, Thomas indicated that recording and sharing of videos of inappropriate activities that take place at school is a violation of the school's Code of Conduct, and would lead to a multiple day suspension. He also suggested that sharing images of incidents like this would "help no one."

    Screenshot, SHS Code of Conduct

    However, some parents indicated that they appreciated seeing a cell phone video of the incident so they could better understand what's actually happening inside the school and the violence that their children are experiencing and seeing. That way concerned parents would be better able to help their children navigate such situations going forward.

    If there wasn't a video of the fight, some parents wonder if they would have ever learned about this troubling incident in the first place.

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