• Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. Takes Groundbreaking Election Integrity Case To Connecticut Supreme Court

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    Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. (FVF, Inc.), a 501(c)4 non-partisan non-profit organization dedicated to restoring election integrity, announces a pivotal moment in the fight against voter fraud with the expedition of our case to the Connecticut Supreme Court in the Bridgeport ballot stuffing case brought forward late last year.

    The Backstory:

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    On November 21, 2023, Fight Voter Fraud Inc. sought justice against long-standing voter fraud and corruption in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and presented arrest warrants for individuals implicated in these violations to the Bridgeport Judicial Court, citing specific infractions under Connecticut State Statute 9- 368, a powerful state statute that allows "We the People" legal authority under the law to force action. Subsequently, three Bridgeport citizens reviewed and signed the affidavits after examining the evidence presented in court records. These three elector's signatures pushed forward the arrest warrants for Wanda Geter-Pataky and Eneida Martinez to be signed by the Superior Court Judge, according to Connecticut State Statute: 9-368.

    The Writ of Error:

    Read The Release Here

    Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. filed an appeal with the Connecticut Appellate Court by a writ of error in the high- profile Bridgeport, CT, ballot stuffing case after the presiding judge declined to issue arrest warrants for Wanda Geter-Pataky and Eneida Martinez and declared the statute unconstitutional. The writ of error asserted several claims, including violating the Bridgeport voters' constitutional rights. It emphasized that this statute is designed to ensure a public remedy to maintain the integrity of elections.

    The Appeal:

    Yesterday, the Connecticut Supreme Court officially agreed to expedite the hearing of our case, marking a notable advance in our ongoing efforts to uphold election integrity in our Representative Republic. The case is set for a hearing between April 22 and May 2, 2024. The Connecticut Attorney General provided a written comment stating: "Connecticut believes in the rule of law—not vigilante justice. We are handling this case jointly with the Chief State's Attorney's Office and are confident we will prevail before the Supreme Court."

    Screenshot, State of CT Judicial Branch Appellate / Supreme Case Look-Up

    Contrary to Attorney General Tong's characterization of our actions as "vigilantism," Fight Voter Fraud maintains its stance on the importance of the rule of law, the power of "We The People," and the legitimate pursuit of justice through established legal frameworks. It highlights our commitment to standing in the gap where traditional law enforcement avenues have faltered, affirming our role as staunch defenders of the public's trust in our electoral system.

    Linda Szynkowicz, Founder and CEO of Fight Voter Fraud Inc., stated: "In our pursuit of election integrity, we've been labeled as 'vigilantes.' Vigilance is our civic duty. Our approach to challenging election fraud in the Connecticut Supreme Court embodies the very essence of 'We the People' taking a stand for what is right. It's about ensuring that every legal vote is a voice heard, not silenced by unlawful acts. The definition of a 'vigilante' is a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.' Under Connecticut State Law, 9-368, we do have the legal authority. Our fight is for transparency, accountability, and justice."

    As we prepare for our day in court, FVF, Inc. remains resolute in representing the interests and will of the American people. Our pursuit is not one of mischaracterized “vigilante justice” but of fairness and accountability within our electoral system. We are confident in our position and look forward to the opportunity to present our case before the Connecticut Supreme Court. Thomas Jefferson once said, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

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    Fight Voter Fraud

    About Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. ONE VOTE FOR ONE LEGAL VOTER.™ Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. is a non-partisan organization committed to upholding the integrity of U.S. elections and ensuring that every legal voter’s voice is heard. We work tirelessly to promote transparency and accountability in the electoral process, advocating for measures that prevent fraudulent voting and protect our Representative Republic and the rights of citizens. Learn more about our mission and initiatives at www.fightvoterfraud.org

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Congrats Linda and the FVF team. All best as you pursue the interests of the citizens of Connecticut!

    Paul A

    Voting in a supermajority to over throw American values is hard to believe. Maybe there is more to this….

    Last edited 2 months ago by Paul A
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