• Firm Behind ‘Blob’ Propaganda Site ‘Hamilton 68’ Which Targeted Tsarizm/CDM Found To Be Spreading ‘Disinformation’

    It seems Tsarizm/CDM were not the ‘secret agents’ were we…

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    The firm behind the ‘Hamilton 68’ dashboard, which targeted ‘Tsarizm’ in 2018 as ‘Russian disinformation’ has been found to be pushing lies and propaganda itself, destroying any credibility the organization ever held in the first place.

    Whistleblower Reveals How “New Knowledge” Cybersecurity Firm Created Disinformation In American Election

    We wrote this in February of 2018

    There are other examples of liberal bias in this, again, government-funded organization. Take the Leftist narrative that was pushed recently by a liberal website, Hamilton 68, pushing an anti-Trump agenda regarding alleged ‘Russian interference’ in our Democratic process. Russian Trolls Found Amplifying U.S. Republican Charge Against FBI screamed the headline. Our website, Tsarizm.com, was listed at one point by the Alliance for Security Democracy project, as a domain that was supposedly being amplified by Russian propagandists. What you won’t find is a retraction from RFERL that discusses the reporting that came out after the #ReleaseTheMemo meme went viral-that the main cause, of the widespread chatter on the net regarding the memo and the demands for its release, was real conservatives in America pushing the truth to come out. Support for Trump, and love for the American democratic process and rule-of-law does not equal ‘Russian interference’ or ‘Russian propaganda’.

    ‘Hamilton 68 Dashboard in February 2018’

    Tsarizm/CDM has no ties to any foreign government or intelligence agency. We simply tell the truth and we don’t care where it lands.

    Tsarizm.com is simply a website dedicated to brining news from the geography of the Russian tsars, which stretched from Poland to San Fransisco. We are not pro-Russia, or pro-Ukrainian, we are pro-truth.

    We feel vindicated.

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