• Florida Invalidates CT Driver's Licenses Issued To Illegal Immigrants, Denies Access To State-Funded Services

    Governor Ron DeSantis, Public Domain.

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    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the implementation of Senate Bill 1718 which specifies that "certain driver licenses and permits issued by other states exclusively to unauthorized immigrants are not valid in this state."

    Driver's licenses held by illegal immigrants from five states, including Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, Rhode Island and Vermont, will no longer be valid in Florida.

    “Someone who is in our country illegally and has violated our laws should not possess a government-issued ID which allows them access to state-funded services and other privileges afforded to lawful residents,” DeSantis said. “The Biden administration may continue to abdicate its responsibilities to secure our border, but Florida will stand for the rule of law. Even if the federal government refuses, Florida will act decisively to protect our citizens, our state, and our country.”

    “FLHSMV and its division of the Florida Highway Patrol are prepared to strictly enforce Senate Bill 1718,” said Executive Director Dave Kerner. “This legislation supports two of our primary goals: to enhance homeland security and to interdict criminal activity. It communicates our state policy that Florida will not provide incentives to undocumented immigrants, while reminding criminal cartels and those who are planning to unlawfully cross our national border that Florida should not be their destination of choice. Florida will not accept driver licenses from those who cannot provide proof of lawful presence in the United States. By doing this, we commit to a safer Florida.”

    “This bill is about safety and security. When we enforce it, we ensure that the individuals we encounter are who they say they are and that they are welcome to enjoy all that the state has to offer,” said Florida Highway Patrol Colonel Gary Howze II. “Our priority is public safety and keeping our communities safe. We are committed to anything we can do to further that endeavor.”

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    But... But... Reciprocity. It's convenient for some states to ignore the rights of other state's citizens in the matter of guns or professional licenses. The legislators of Florida just threw that back in the faces of 'liberals' who have been abusing law and convention to bring down our Constitution. I'm looking forward to watching heads explode.

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