• Fractured Fairy Tale

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    By Ed Thompson

    This is a fairy tale without a feel good, happy ending. In this story the hero does not slay the dragon and save the kingdom, nor does the lonely princess find her beloved knight. The outcome is often sad and remorseful, and sometimes results in death. If that sounds more like a nightmare, this story certainly does qualify. It is dark, confusing, and in some aspects quite sinister. But I call it a fairy tale for a good reason. Because it is all, if impure, fantasy.

    Make believe is a glorious part of being a child. The tooth fairy takes your tooth and leaves a dollar under the pillow. The Easter Bunny brings eggs and candy. Santa Claus flies his sleigh to deliver a year’s worth of wishes. A stick with yarn can be a mighty steed, a branch, a sword ready for battle. An upside down box makes a fine table for tea parties and girl talk. The sky is the limit for a child’s imagination. A child can be or do or have whatever he or she wants in the blink of an eye.

    That’s why it is tragically sinister to take advantage of the innocence and wonder of youth for such a corrupt purpose. And that is just what the transgender movement is—a corrupt purpose. If it offends you to hear this, then, sad to say, you have been corrupted as well. Let’s examine some facts.

    There really are only two genders. Really. Only—two—genders. Male and female. This is not something you are arbitrarily assigned at birth, or convinced and coerced into by the patriarchal society. It is a simple biological fact. Has been for as long as man has procreated and survived as a species. You can’t spin your way out of this fact. It isn’t about ‘your reality’ or the way you feel, or something you want to be true. It is a simple, unwavering, physically observable and testable fact. What we who don’t live in the magic kingdom call science. Doctors don’t assign sex at birth like they are passing out party favors. They carefully examine the baby’s body before they mark down boy or girl. It is what we call in science undisputed fact. You should call it that, too.

    But wait, says the Yale School of Medicine. Gender is different from sex. It’s in your head. And there are many possibilities to choose from.

    Sorry, but that just ain’t so. Gender is and has always been about male and female, boy or girl. That is human reality. The reason there is a never-ending list of gender possibilities is because the very idea is a fantasy of delusion. That’s imagination—endless possibilities.

    When you try to apply that to the reality of human bodies you have entered into self-delusion. And the delusion slams right into hard reality. Despite all the talk about gender spectrum, pangender, gender fluidity, and all the rest, when it comes down to transgender surgery, there are only two options—male or female. That should be your next clue.

    Take an anorexic girl. No matter how thin she becomes, when she looks in the mirror she sees fat. That is a destructive delusion that has cost lives. Not a physical body problem. Not a medical disease. Eating more or less won’t fix her. Drugs or surgery provide no cure. She has mental and emotional problems that must be addressed.

    Not long ago gender dysphoria was considered a mental and emotional problem. For most children it worked itself out as they grew without ANY intervention. The most severe cases usually had childhood trauma present, like rape or heavy abuse, and needed help. These were rare. No one would have dreamed of using hormones and surgery. Now transgender has become a fad where a group of 10-year-old girls get together and decide they want to be boys.

    If you as an adult want to change your body, that’s your business. Do what you will. But don’t you dare take minor children who are still finding their way in this world and try to convince them or tell them it is okay to change their sex. Why? Because they cannot do it. They can dress however they want, groom however they want, act however they want. Kids have been experimenting with lifestyles forever. Ever heard of hippies, goths, emos, jocks, geeks, valley girls, metalheads? The list is long. That’s part of finding your way to adulthood. Those are behavioral choices. They used to be called phases, because kids would move into them and out of them.

    But this is different. You cannot change the body’s sex. No one can. That is why it is so tragic to see an increasing number of young people who finally realize that simple truth, but not until it’s too late. Men are men and women are women. Fact.

    The idea that teachers and counselors would dare push these delusions on our youth renders them immediately and unequivocally unqualified to serve in either profession. The idea that hospitals and doctors endorse, promote and perform such mutilations on minors speaks to a deep cultural darkness that I cannot easily fathom. That a doctor would perform radical irreversible surgeries on a completely healthy child who is suffering obvious distress and is completely vulnerable is certainly abusive if not criminal. It must be stopped. It should never have been done in the first place. The first time one young person said, “I think I made a mistake,” should have ended the practice. That has now happened many times over, and yet those doctors keep on cutting.

    One thing that even hardened criminals cannot tolerate is sexual child abusers. They say that life in prison for a child abuser is a living hell. One could hope that the teachers and counselors and doctors who commit these atrocities on children find their way to similar accommodations.

    Ed Thompson has worked in education for over 25 years, both tutoring individuals and teaching classes. He has helped students from three to seventy-three years old, and in subjects from beginning reading all the way to MBA classes and postgraduate biology. Students ranged from severely challenged to gifted and advanced. This work has given him a unique perspective and has led to insights on what’s broken about our educational system and how we can make it better.

    He is the host of the Basic Education Series podcasts and author of educational books. Learn more at https://basiced.substack.com.

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    Paul A

    Is the truth that difficult for people! Great article! The scary thing is this article has to “convince” others of the truth. How did we get here? We need to get back to reality and stop catering to this dangerous, misguided agenda. Male and female. It’s that simple.

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