• Free Israel. Free Jewish Students And Professors. Free Jewish Students from Campuses Where They Are Being Persecuted.

    April 28, 2024
    "UCommune" Solidarity Encampment at UConn.

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    Free Israel. Free Jewish Students and Professors. Keep them from harm and abuse in colleges such as Columbia, USC, and Yale. I really cannot believe we are having this discussion in our society today. But with our economy, lives and society turned upside down by Joe Biden and his liberal socialist/communist Democrat Party along with complicit state governments run by incoherent and delusional haters of our country, the hatred of Israel and people of Jewish faith should be no surprise.

    I and many others have had enough of the anti-Israel and Pro-Hamas demonstrations we have seen on our college campuses and through the illegal protesting at airports, highways and other public places in our country and world. I and many others have simply had enough of the surreptitious posture of feckless leaders like Connecticut’s King Gov. Ned Lamont the Unaccountable making statements about the Yale protests such as “I think broadly speaking (the anti-Israel protests) been a peaceful demonstration over a cause people believe in."

    I and many others have had enough of cowardly legislatures such as Connecticut’s not cutting off state funding to schools like Yale until such time as the abuses cease. I and many others have had enough of the silence of elected officials overall, especially Jewish Democrats in not condemning the terrorist actions of Hamas and the murdering in cold blood of over 1,200 Jewish people on October 7, 2023. I and many others want to know why our work, travel and education must be violated by these protestors. I and many others wonder why we must endure their incoherent psychobabble nightly on television and wonder why these attention-seeking spoiled brats are not summarily arrested, or at least summarily ignored by now. Many Taxpayers are sickened that their hard-earned tax dollars have been sent in all sorts of financial benefits to many of these same Universities where it seems like these protests are nurtured and encouraged.

    Yale, Columbia, USC, and New York Universities come to mind as being models for anti-Jew and anti-Semitic conduct by observing what is taking place on their campuses. Universities where learning obviously no longer has a place for the students and professors of the Jewish faith who attend and teach there. Racism and bigotry reign supreme for these woke, liberal cesspools of supposed learning and diversity that Taxpayers help to fund.

    As an educator, my view of the targeting of Jewish people is ironic, if not dastardly. The Jewish people have always prized the gift and virtue of education as one of their highest priorities. This thirst for knowledge reaches back to Biblical times. Boys aspiring to become rabbis had to memorize the first five books of the Old Testament by the time they were thirteen. The Torah reinforces the forty-eight (48) scriptural virtues, many having to do with education. My friend and colleague Tony De Angelo pointed out on the Lee Elci Show that the goal of Senator Joe Lieberman’s mother was to encourage him to be the first Jewish President of the United States. So, it would seem perversely apropos that the most devastating attack upon the Jewish people would be against their education. (And it is also a blessing that Joe Lieberman is not alive to see the travesty that is taking place against his people at his beloved Yale University, especially with such tragedy engendered by the modern-day version of his Democratic party).

    Moreover, having taught for over 42 years on a college level, I have instructed many students of all different faiths including Jewish students. In my own observation these Jewish students excel in their studies. They try to better themselves through education. They have a true respect and tradition with many colleges and universities throughout the world. Why is it socially acceptable now to strip them of this achievement? Why is it acceptable to satisfy these protestors who are in the minority in their beliefs and twisted ideologies of terrorism? Where are the leaders of these colleges? They obviously are ill equipped to remain in their highly paid positions of power if they are so blind to what is happening on their campuses. Campuses that are now segregated between Jews and non-Jews. Campuses where Jews are being persecuted regularly. What happened to the rights of all students, of all faiths?

    Are we as a people just going to stand back as those did in the 1930's when the Nazi's started rounding people of the Jewish faith to begin the Holocaust? Are we beginning the new Holocaust of 2024 with paid college demonstrators and their love of the Hamas terrorists? The protestors have no issues with the terrorist actions of Hamas and their murdering of over 1,200 Jewish people in cold blood. And now, we have now absolutely no decency or respect for the human life especially if one professes the Jewish faith.

    It is time for these protests to end. It is time for the Hamas terrorists to be eliminated and jailed for their crimes against humanity. It is time for educational institutions facilitating this abusive and abhorrent behavior to be defunded and starved out. Remember that this situation would not have reached this point of no return if these Hamas terrorists did not murder on October 7, 2023. And are the Hamas terrorists the true government of Palestine? It sure seems like it to many rational law-abiding citizens of the world.

    Israel will always defend itself against those who wish would eliminate it and its right to freedom of religion and the right to self-government. Maybe, (just maybe) we could see a daily condemnation of these Hamas terrorists by both sides of our political aisle, followed by a withholding of educational grant funding. Maybe (just maybe) we could see the entire Connecticut legislature pass a unanimous joint resolution condemning this wretched behavior and withholding its state funding until this nightmare ends. If this were to occur, it would be the first time in the past four years that the horrific Biden and Lamont Administrations did something right for both religious freedoms, and the free world.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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    Instead of removing the Jewish teachers, students and other staff, how about removing the protesters? The protesters are the people creating all the turmoil.

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