• Gaetz Accuses McCarthy Of Lying About "Sucker Punching" Tim Burchett, Calls For Immediate Ethics Investigation

    November 14, 2023
    U.S. Rep Matt Gaetz

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    U.S. Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is filing a formal ethics complaint against U.S. Rep Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) over the altercation with U.S. Rep Tim Burchett (R-TN) earlier today that was also witnessed by Claudia Griseles of NPR.

    Gaetz, who described the attack as a "sucker punch" and "a clean shot to the kidney", said an immediate investigation by the Ethics Committee was necessary.

    McCarthy downplayed the incident, saying he did not hit Burchett and that their shoulders "must have bumped" in passing.

    Gaetz will be discussing the incident on his Firebrand show.

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    Buck Stuckster

    🥊🥊 another day at the office in DC.
    Stick and move politics while We the people bob and weave.🩹🩹

    Marty G Kirkpatrick

    Everything under the sun is considered cause for another investigation. More ethics, less investigation, please.

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