• Gender Affirming Sterilization - An American Cult

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    Guest post by K Paul Stoller2, Fellow, American College of Hyperbaric Medicine


    Elites from around the globe have been obsessed with population control as far back as recorded history. It has always been about keeping them in power with a small group of servants and a manageable slave class. Surprising it was a faction within the United States that assumed the mantle of this death cult, and had the means to carry off genocidal plans. There are many variations on a theme of population control, but the latest one involves encouraging children as young as two years of age to cut off their ability to reproduce under the guise of gender diversity. It is a corporate driven phenomena and in hindsight it will be seen as one of the causes of a failed nation

    I will preface this perspective by acknowledging it is not easy being human. Most of us don’t know who we are, why we are here nor what we are supposed to be doing here. We don’t know we are in the midst of a cosmic game, we don’t understand our fellow players nor do we know the rules with an exception or two, such as the Golden Rule. Many of us live in a dysfunctional society, and are living dysfunctional lives. We are unhappy, and we suffer – some of us more than others. Dysphoria is the normal lot for most of us. In the midst of this are those with gender dysphoria. I submit their unhappiness far exceeds the dysphoria the rest of the population feels.

    While the incidence of those who identify as Trans in the United States of America (USA) is around 0.6% the actual incidence of true gender dysphoria may be as low as 0.005%3 in the male population and this is a male dominated phenomena with over 80% being male. Now, given we are being poisoned with various hormone disruptors and estrogenic pesticides that number may be higher than what has been reported. There are phthalates in plastics, polychlorinated biphenyls and explosively powerful estrogenic pesticides, such as atrazine.

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    Some have changed the name of Gender Dysphoria to Gender Identity Disorder (GID) to sound less stigmatizing as if having a disorder is less stigmatizing than being dysphoric. Few of us know most of us are dysphoric. Most are not happy with their life and especially not their bodies. Most feel unheard and unseen. Since most of us are dysfunctional, we unconsciously choose dysfunctional ways to ameliorate our discontent. The Elite, the cream of the New World Order (NWO) crap, have decided to mitigate their dysphoria by eliminating as many other of their fellow humans as possible. That won’t resolve the dysphoria of these misguided misanthropes any more than surgically and hormonally altering one’s body resolves one’s gender dysphoria (exceptions noted for the few with true gender dysphoria).

    Do not be fooled, there is a psychotic death cult behind this. To them carbon-based life is bad and they want to reduce the carbon footprint of humanity, which is their way of saying humans are the carbon that needs to be eliminated – that ultimately is what it means to be Green. Just read the proposed “Pandemic Treaty”4 the WHO (World Health [Holocaust] Organization)/UN wants all countries to sign onto and take note of the Orwellian double-speak therein that will allow them to rule the world (total loss of national sovereignty) if something they decide something could possibly be determined to maybe become a pandemic and you will be required to take their approved countermeasures (vaccines and only vaccines, eating bugs and being locked down or locked up - their call), but it will be equitable – “no one will be left behind.”

    Do you know what no one will be left behind means? They use code words and phrases that are actually easy to decode… no one will be left behind…. They want us all dead so you won’t be left behind because you will have been murdered. If you choose to believe that is not what that means you do so at your own peril.

    I was a medical student in 1977, when the Carlton Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia published an article on gender dysphoria being influenced by apparent memories of a past life.5 It was his work on interviewing children who remembered past lives that enthralled me as I had my own memories to contend with. Never would I have guessed almost half a century later gender dysphoria would be co-opted by the eugenic zealots in the USA and turned into yet another means of sterilization, a practice the United States has shamefully excelled at for over 100 years. What we are seeing today is the exploitation of individuals for agendas those individuals are wholly unaware of, and these individuals are children.

    It is problematic to change one’s sexual physiognomy post puberty, but the world needs to understand that encouraging confused children, who are incapable of giving informed consent, who can not understand the true irreversible repercussions of hormone blockers and what follows after that, is not only child abuse but is now a cover for the eugenicists among us.

    The eugenicists in the USA were the inspiration for the practice in Nazi Germany and at Nuremburg the Nazi physicians used that as part of their defense. For in truth, it was the USA that inspired and supported Nazi Germany, American corporations and foundations (Rockefeller Foundation being the most recognizable) and investors bank-rolled the Third Reich and were eager to see a return to a feudal Europe under their control and based on slave labor. The real Nazi’s were in the USA; although, they did not call themselves Nazis. But they still are in the USA – that never ending gravy train of human exploitation at the southern border of the USA where unaccompanied children are literally sold into slavery - often sex slavery.

    In the 19th century American industrialists and financiers, who monopolized critical areas of the economy, via unethical business practices - Robber Barons they were once called, facilitated a banking coup d’état in 1913. This is when the Federal Reserve Bank was created – a privately held Central Bank that made it possible to finance a century of unending wars and the financial power they held had/has influence in many areas. Throughout history the elite have been obsessed with population control and the practice of eugenics has always been a priority. Superficially, eugenics seems like a logical way to help keep the human species viable but what we have seen and continue to see is abuse if for no other reason that those in power decide which human traits and which humans are undesirable. Essentially, we have allowed the scum of humanity to control and murder the rest of us and this is not a new development.

    It was in 1927, when perhaps the man considered the greatest legal mind in all of American jurisprudence, Oliver Wendell Holmes, made sure the Virginia sterilization law was upheld. He displayed tremendous disdain for a poor woman and her daughter – essentially hate for the down-trodden. But the fall-out of this case essentially sent a message to the entire country (and Germany) that those whom public health officials deemed feebleminded should not be allowed to reproduce. He called for the country to sterilize “those who sap the strength of the State to prevent our being swamped with incompetence.”6 The mania for eugenics was off and running and even today that Supreme Court ruling still stands7 (progressive California sterilized more people than any other state).

    So, instead of protecting the weakest among us, it was all about protecting the State as determined by those that held all the power. Charles Darwin’s theories set off an intellectual craze and the country believed the “unfit” would not only bring down the nation but the entire human race. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. insisted “defective humans” needed to be breed out of the population. Alexander Graham Bell,8 considered the father of the telephone, became chairman of the Eugenics Record Office as it was first called, so you can see the continuum with the powerful, the famous and the elite of 100 years ago and the eugenicists of today, such as Bill Gates. Even former president Theodore Roosevelt stated that those deemed undesirable be forbidden to leave offspring behind. Eugenics was taught at almost all universitas and colleges.

    In 1921, Margaret Sanger established the American Birth Control League, a precursor to today's Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She served as its president until 1928. Only a few knew about the “Negro Project” where there was a deliberate effort to place clinics in minority communities and encourage birth control and abortions not to free minority women to make choices for their own bodies but to help terminate that population in the USA. It is an example of what happens when those in power or influence decide who is unfit to be on this planet. Sanger’s ardent support of eugenics as a means of achieving economic stability and improved public health was no secret when you read her many essays and speeches. Racial purity was the underlying driver of these projects and essentially still is.

    William Gates Sr. was a trustee of the organization and worked on the board of Planned Parenthood prior to his death in September 2020.9 The eugenics baton was, in a sense, handed to Bill Gates Jr., who has made it clear vaccines were the means of reducing the world’s population. Vaccines are responsible for the most common form of non-hereditary mental retardation as a sequalae of vaccine induced encephalitis, which is commonly referred to as autism. In 2004, when I testified in front of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee about new treatments for autistic children I was pulled aside by a congressional aide and told, “Everyone in the upper echelons of government who wants to know whether vaccines cause autism already knows it and will never do anything about it. You will therefore never see a legislative bill with the words autism and treatment together.”

    Autistic children are not physiologically sterilized but most will never have children – the disabled often don’t have children for obvious reasons. It was a backhanded way of taking these children out of the gene pool. But vaccines have also been used across the globe in direct sterilization programs that put Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the vaccine to induce an immune response against the hormone required to sustain pregnancies.10

    Now, it is unlikely children who have their gonads cut off will have their own biological children – that is a science you can follow and for every “trans” child whose gonads are removed or altered there is another human who will not reproduce.

    Before the attempt of the NWO criminals to kill as many as possible with their latest incarnation of a Gain-of Function organisms (CoV2) adult men in women’s clothing dancing and exploring alternative sexual themes with children were called pedophiles. Hiding behind the banner of LGBTQ+ pride is an agenda to normalize sexual perversions to further destroy parental influence and societal cohesion. It was not lost on the eugenicists that if drag queens can be recruited to program or groom children into their lifestyle not only does it help destroy society but again, in all likelihood will take those children out of the gene pool.

    The corporately funded Drag Queen Storytime (Drag Queen Story Hour – DQSH) is not just about good old American fun – there is this dark side and its performers have become the ambassadors of the deconstruction of sex and the subversion of the nuclear family. To a greater or lesser degree this is about normalizing pedophilia and that agenda crossed paths with the eugenicists who are ever eager to support taking humans out of the gene pool. The proponents of DQSH will say it is just about LGBTQ acceptance and inclusion, but that is subterfuge. Pedophilia is the operational glue the NWO runs on.

    Now, about half the American states have passed laws or maybe passing laws banning transgender-related sex change surgeries and cross hormone therapies for minors. Other states, such as California (no surprise), are legislatively trying to make it easier for minors to transition even to the point of allowing kidnapping to get children into transition programs. Some states are sterilizing two-year-old toddlers.11 Proponents will misguide minors into thinking it will be cool and cause no harm, but that is a lie. Puberty blockers alone prevent brain and bone growth causing early onset osteoporosis and a compromised intelligence, which is just perfect for the NWO because they don’t want their future sterilized slaves to be educated critical thinkers, they just want them indoctrinated to follow orders. This is not about radical gender theory – this is a fully operational plan of the Globalists to undermine civilization and it is coming out of the USA.

    The USA is not the country most people think it is, and maybe it never was. It has devolved into a corporate plutocracy. It is bitter sweet to watch the USA play out the Atlantean archetype –having everything and then losing everything. The experiment called the USA was noble and while the experiment didn’t fail, those who participated with it did. A country where all men are created equal with inalienable rights never before codified by any country in modern times couldn’t hold true to that ideal. Like the book Animal Farm forewarned, those in power will twist and misuse that power to where some men are more equal than others, and one’s inalienable rights only extend to those who are on the side of those in power. Not only has the USA forced its economic imperialism on the world but now cultural imperialism is part of the global agenda. Yet, I submit many in the world have had enough of America’s (Globalist/UN) sexual and military hegemony and it is very clear what the plan is – end the Petro-dollar (de-dollarization) and allow nature to take its course – it may have already taken place by the time you read this.

    1. Originally published by PriMera Scientific Surgical Research and Practice (PSSRP).
    2. KP Stoller is one of the pioneers in using hyperbaric oxygen for neuro-rehabilitation and discovered its usefulness in treating Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16166387). Author of Incurable Me (Skyhorse 2016).
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