• George H.W. Bush's Alma Mater Throwing A Beach Party For People Of Color Only — White Students Appear To Be Excluded

    Greenwich Country Day School, Public Domain.

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    Oops, they did it again!

    This is not the first time that the elite private day school in Greenwich, CT, has scheduled an event for people of color only.

    The last time Greenwich Country Day School (GCDS) tried to hold an event that excluded white students the story became national news after the Greenwich Republican Town Committee posted the GCDS letter on X. The effort was unsurprisingly organized by the school's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

    “The annual Cider and Donuts event is open to GCDS families who identify as Black, Asian, Latinx, multi-racial, Indigenous, Middle Eastern, and/or people of color,” read the announcement which listed nearly every group, except white students.

    Eventually the school capitulated and opened the event to any interested students.

    But that's not stopping GCDS from trying to hold another event that appears to exclude white students, this time it's the "POC Beach Party".

    Of course, GCDS boasts that it has "school-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion programming" even though more and more people are waking up to the reality that DEI programming is inherently racist.

    Nonetheless, GCDS is determined to do the "never-ending" work of equity.

    The school says its commitment to "honor human dignity" is evaluated through "anti-racist practice and pedagogy."

    Just so you know, Ibram X. Kendi, the father of "anti-racism", believes that the only way to solve racist discrimination is with antiracist discrimination. Kendi further asserts, "the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination."

    This is probably why "doing the work" of equity is never-ending -- they never break the cycle of discrimination, but instead just change who the targets are.

    Parents pay nearly $60,000 a year to send their children to GCDS. Probably more, once you factor in those annual giving campaigns and school fundraisers.

    Coincidentally, the Head of School, Adam Rohdie, has been appointed to the new Greenwich Thought Police committee that is meant to address "hate and antisemitism."

    Does Rohdie thinks it's enlightened and not hateful to segregate students and exclude students based on an immutable characteristic like skin color?

    Or is excluding whites and sowing division justified in a school that welcomes "anti-racist" thinking?

    GCDS parents would be wise to seek an answer to that question before writing out another big check to a school that might not represent their values.

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    Black Americans account for 13% of US Population
    96% of blacks are killed by other blacks
    1.7 % by Police
    Black Lives don't matter to other Black People.


    Expand that even further:
    13% of US population is responsible for 52-55% of all violent crime in the US annually.
    But women account for a small fraction of those crimes.
    That leaves a little over 6% of the population responsible for half the violent crime.
    Men over 40, under 13, and 1st generationimmigrants account for only a small fraction of those.
    So roughly 3% of the population are responsible for half of all violent crime in America.

    Get sources

    There is no evidence on the school’s website of this event.


    Discrimination against whites is common practice at GCDS. 3+ incidents (donut & cider breakfast, dinner, affinity/belonging student pizza lunches where they “talk badly abt white people” and now the beach party). Conservative white family that pays 57K to a school that turns around and uses these dollars to discriminate against their children are part of the problem. A GCDS parent told me it was getting better and I said that means they are hiding it better. We were both wrong!


    Damaged/mentally unhealthy woke white libs running the GPS administration, BOE, PTAC/PTA,GrAlliance, CEA, LWV block conservatives from leadership roles to push the same discriminatory trash on other people’s kids. Then they cry at BOE mtgs & that their children were bullied and need more Equity, DEI, Transformative SEL, Reparative/restorative practices/justice. They are too stupid to realize these Marxist/Maoist trash programs are grooming their own children to hate themselves and others!


    At least of faith & conservative families are smart enough to try to undo these harmful teachings at home. The most important job as a parent is to teach children to love themselves, not to change for acceptance or to skirt rules. So sad the harm the crazies are causing America’s children. Marxist/Maoist agenda is to destroy America using this generation of children. Conservatives protect your children & watch the crazy show from afar! Parents Parent, Schools teach ABCs! Just like Japan!

    Dick Gold

    I would think they would know better than to have such a party on Shabbat. Not very inclusive to the POC adjacent.

    concerned parent

    You think they like Jews? Think again.

    "POC adjacent"? You are part of the problem.

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