• Greenwich First Selectman Camillo Establishes Thought Police Board To Monitor Antisemitism And Hate Speech

    Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo

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    Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo announced that he's establishing The Greenwich Antisemitism and Anti-Hate Task Force to address acts of antisemitism, bigotry and hate in Greenwich, although it is unclear how the task force will handle such incidents or what their actual powers will be.

    The task force will be composed of certain elected officials, DEI officers and other school officials, clergy and members of the community.

    The following people have already been named to the committee (political affiliation is noted in parentheses where known):

    • Fred Camillo (R), First Selectman
    • Margaret Hazlett (U), Head of School, Greenwich Academy
    • Rabbi Mitchell Hurvitz, Senior Rabbi, Temple Sholom
    • Scott Kalb (D), Greenwich BET Member
    • Miriam Kreuzer (D), Greenwich RTM Member
    • Becca Levine (D), Task Force Co-Chair
    • Ralph Mayo, Principal, Greenwich High School and Greenwich resident
    • Kamele McLaren (D), Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, Greenwich Academy
    • Adam Rohdie, Head of School, Greenwich Country Day School
    • Meryl Sole (R), Task Force Co-Chair, Greenwich Resident
    • Rebecca Steck, Head of School, Greenwich Catholic School
    • Alecia Thomas, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, Brunswick School
    • Reverend Marek Zabriskie (D), Rector, Christ Church
    • Mark Zuccerella, Deputy Chief, Greenwich Police Department

    With a hat tip to North Korea and Germany, the task force plans on establishing a phone and web reporting system for people to rat out their neighbors for alleged hateful words and conduct.

    But what exactly constitutes an act of hate? Why were these particular individuals selected to be the Thought Police for Greenwich? And what action will be taken against the accused by this group, hand-selected by a First Selectman who just said rather hateful things about members of his own party?

    One name that immediately jumps off the page is Scott Kalb, an elected member of the BET, the Town's finance board, and an 11-year veteran of the globalist organization the World Economic Forum (WEF).

    Kalb asserts that the word "globalist" is antisemitic hate speech.

    In fact, Kalb reported The Connecticut Centinal to the real Greenwich Police for alleged "antisemitic hate speech" after the Centinal called him a globalist in the article, World Economic Forum Globalist Behind Greenwich Push For Zuckbucks,

    The Police took Kalb's allegations of "hate speech" seriously and investigated the matter.

    Kalb was subsequently informed by Greenwich Detective Levy that the article "may not be considered a hate crime or a criminal action." Probably because the article was just an accounting of factual events surrounding the ZuckBucks controversy in Greenwich, along with a review of Kalb's own resume.

    Detective Levy did, however, admit that a case had been opened in order to document the activities of The Connecticut Centinal, maintain a "chronology of their actions" and "make a stronger case" should the alleged attacks on Kalb rise to "a criminal level" in the future.

    The way that Kalb is using Greenwich police to monitor the press and silence his neighbors should send chills down the spines of all free speech advocates who value the liberties guaranteed by the First Amendment, including the freedom of the press.

    But it's not just Kalb's presence on the committee that raises a red flag, it's also the presence of diversity, equity and inclusion officers from local schools that's alarming.

    Take Greenwich Academy (GA) for instance.

    The elite all-girls private school indoctrinates girls from PreK through Grade 12 with curriculum from the radical and hateful group, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), as part of its diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) program. The GA curriculum promotes the misconception that "systemic racism is embedded throughout America" into young minds by teaching students that life is always harder for some people “based on their identities” and that others are undeserving of their station in life because of their privilege.

    The SPLC believes that parental rights groups who are opposed to the racist and divisive ideology of critical race theory and opposed to pornographic books in school are hate groups. SPLC views those who accept biology as enemies, too, and further considers "right-wing talking points" about biological boys competing in girls sports and "misgendering" trans people to be hate speech. The SPLC even considered it hateful to oppose unscientific and oppressive COVID-19 regulations.

    Are these the kind of views that Kamele McLaren, GA's Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, might bring to the table? Will "misgendering" warrant a call to the Greenwich Anti-Hate hotline? Or complaining about a biological boy winning a girls athletic competition?

    What about Alecia Thomas, Director of DEIB for Brunswick School? Will she bring similar radical progressive views to the table based on the anti-racism training she likely received from Brunswick? Might she recommend reporting perceived "microaggressions" to the hate line, just like Brunswick students are encouraged to do through the school’s anonymous email drop box “SafeWick”?

    How about Adam Rohdie, the head of Greenwich Country Day School (GCDS)?

    His school was under fire a couple years ago for hosting a welcome back to school event that discriminated against white students. More recently, GCDS students have complained that students who suffer from gender dysphoria and identify as Therians, also known as "furries" (yes, Centinal has confirmed there ARE students who identify as animals and call themselves "the raccoons" at GCDS), have been excluded from certain aspects of the dress code and cell phone policy. When the human students complained about the obvious discrimination, they were told nothing would be done to enforce the dress code on the "furries" perhaps out of an abundance of caution in the name of inclusivity.

    But now that Rohdie is joining Camillo's Thought Police, one has to wonder if the students who complained about the uniform and cell phone violations might find themselves getting anonymously reported to the hate line for not being inclusive of furries?

    It's not out of the realm of possibility, considering a whole class of students at a Brookfield, CT, school just got read the riot act by a teacher who told them that questioning transgenderism makes you a bigot. Could that kind of "bigoted' behavior run afoul of the Thought Police in Greenwich, too?

    Will valuable police resources be diverted to chase down scofflaws accused of wrongthink?

    Were any first amendment lawyers consulted about joining Camillo's democrat-heavy committee?

    Will the Town shield and indemnify the Task Force members from getting sued for defamation,
    or should they each take out some personal insurance?

    Greenwich residents would be wise to push for answers to these important questions before it's too late.

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    RINO Hunter

    Freddie set up another one of these committees after George Floyd to follow the democrat narrative on systemic racism and anti-racism. Why does he always follow the democrat playbook? Oh wait. I know why.

    Concerned Parent

    I hate new task forces.

    Bob Oscar

    What possibly could go wrong here?

    tom lahman

    In a demoncrap dominated state, a Republican is more on the order of a centrists demoncrap! Just check the voting record of those in Ca. Col. NY etc

    Robert A. Porrazzo

    Only two words describe Camillo...LAMONT REPUBLICAN!

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