• Glenn Beck Asks If There Is A Functioning Justice System In Connecticut - Lists Shocking Crimes Allegedly Committed By Hunter Biden In CT

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    Screenshot, Twitter.

    The video posted by Glenn Beck details drug and sex crimes allegedly committed by Hunter Biden in the State of Connecticut.

    Alleged drug crimes include a meeting between a female, who is now in jail for committing other crimes, and Hunter so that he could purchase crack cocaine.

    Then in February 2019, Hunter is seen conversing with his drug dealer while using drugs and complaining that said drugs were "low quality".

    Hunter's infamous "Laptop From Hell" reveals money transfers in excess of $1,400 and $1,500 in March 2019 and text messages showing Hunter ordering $400 worth of crack.

    Other records show Hunter offering drugs to a female, then setting up a drug and sex romp with another female, and soliciting two prostitutes through an online escort service.

    As if that's not enough, the next day Hunter allegedly solicits a third prostitute who advises him on how to "weed out the police", a fourth prostitute at a casino, and a fifth prostitute just an hour after that. Then another who agrees to meet at the Best Western.

    The guy is insatiable.

    Hunter even took a video of himself having sex with a prostitute and smoking crack. Records show he paid the woman $1,500 for the romp, and even paid for the Uber.

    It's all meticulously documented on the laptop.

    And this is just in Connecticut.

    Will anyone in the state of Connecticut ever consider prosecuting Hunter for a crime? Or is he somehow untouchable?

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    But, but, but "No one's above the law!" 🙄 Can you imagine what would happen to one of the Trump Brothers if this was all documented on video?

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