Globalist Kalb Desperately Tries To Save Left's Ability To Influence Elections In Greenwich

March 13, 2023

Actually Mr. Kalb, Judges Toss Elections And Order A Revote All The Time Due To Fraud

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Scott Kalb, RTM D7, Legislative and Rules Committee, Secretary, has an oped in the Greenwich Free Press outlining his desperation to stop the Greenwich RTM from correcting an allegedly fraudulent election to accept a large outside grant from CTCL.

CTCL is the Left's new vehicle to inject cash into local elections to obtain a specific outcome.

Kalb is a deeply involved with the World Economic Forum -- you know, the guys who want to impose medical tyranny and a Chinese Communist Party style social credit score, vaccine passports and the like.

Serious fascism.

"On January 6 when the mob stormed the Capitol and tried to stop our government from certifying the 2020 Presidential election, they failed," Kalb declares in the oped.

This is a lie.

The tapes released by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy show the exact opposite. The Speaker has announced an investigation into the lies of the Jan 6 Unselect Committee and its media-enabled narrative.

There was no mob that stormed the capitol for an 'insurrection'. They were there to peacefully exercise their Constitutional rights. No weapons were found. The only people who were murdered on Jan 6 were Trump supporters.

There were scores of Federal agents involved in inciting the riot and murdering demonstrators. The main agitator, Ray Epps, was caught scores of times on video pushing demonstrators to go into the Capitol building. Epps is one of the only agitators not charged by the Feds, even though on video it is very clear he committed crimes.

Recent polls show over 60% of the American public believe the November 2020 election was fraudulent and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

Judges order revotes all the time due to fraud.

If Mr. Kalb will actively and gleefully promote the lie of Jan 6, what else is he not telling the full truth about?

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