• Governor Lamont Pushes Abortion Tourism By Setting Up Website/Hotline

    August 5, 2022
    This cartoon refers to the opposition of the nominee to an abortion-related plank during the George McGovern 1972 presidential campaign

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    The administration of Governor Ned Lamont is now pushing 'abortion tourism' as a reason for people to visit from out of state. Today, Lamont announced the creation of a website, and hotline to promote Connecticut abortion law.

    Gov. Ned Lamont, who has touted Connecticut as a haven for women needing reproductive health care after the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, said the hotline and website will provide information about Connecticut’s laws, abortion providers and other services such as transportation to clinics, reported AP.

    “If you are ready to have a family, we want you to you have access to the healthcare you need, and if for any reason you need abortion services, we support you and we want to make sure you can find the healthcare you need as easily as possible,” the governor said in a statement. “That’s why setting up this hotline and website is a priority for me and my team.”

    The Supreme Court of the United States recently overturned the infamous 'Roe v Wade' decision and sent the issue back to the states for jurisdiction.


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