• Greenwich 1st Graders To Visit Perrot Library With Controversial Books On Display Featuring Transgenderism

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    A number of first grade classrooms in Greenwich plan on visiting the Perrot Children’s Library this week so that students can obtain their own library cards, and even check out some books.  

    The permission slip that parents are asked to sign for the library card indemnifies the library should children sign out any books their parents may deem inappropriate.  

    Since parents will not be present during the field trip, we thought you might appreciate a preview of some of the books currently being featured in the Children's Library so you know what your children might be experiencing on their visit.  

    Some of the titles featured on eye-level displays include the following, in honor of Pride Month:

    I am Jazz:  A very young boy is diagnosed as transgender and his family transitions him into a girl.

    Being You:  Says “some babies grow into a different gender than the one that grown-ups called them” and features children as young as three going by “ze” pronouns; other concepts include “Black Trans Lives Matter” and “End the Patriarchy”.

    A Kid Like Gavin:  The True Story Of A Trans Activist: Normalizes transgenderism and promotes trans rights activism (e.g., bathroom access).

    It Feels Good To Be Yourself:  Teaches very young children about gender ideology, being non-binary, and normalizes transgenderism.

    When Aiden Became A Brother:  Normalizes the idea of transgender children.

    We Need To Talk About Vaginas:  An Important Book About Vulvas, Periods, Puberty and Sex:  Graphic illustrations, including a close-up of a vulva and a diagram about “touching yourself” among other things.

    True You:  A Gender Journey:  A picture book that tells kids they don’t have to be a boy or a girl "when they are not”.

    Melissa:  About transitioning, sexuality and sexual activities; also, the book is rated for teens.

    Too Bright To See: About trans teens, promotes controversial group PFLAG, normalizes transgenderism, and the book rated for teens due to sexual content.

    Of course, many parents are not comfortable promoting transgenderism to their first graders, nor are they comfortable with some of the extremely graphic, sexually-explicit content and pictures showcased in some of these books.  Especially the books rated for teens.Should you have any questions about what books your child can access during this trip, we encourage you to immediately reach out to your child's teacher.  Alternatively, you could opt your children out of the field trip.

    Please note that the librarians who work at the desk are not responsible for selecting the books for the library, so should you have any questions about the library’s collection development policy, and why there are so many controversial books featured in the Children’s Library, we strongly encourage you to contact the Head of Youth Services for the Perrot, Jennifer Minehardt, at [email protected], and also the Director of the Library, Kevin McCarthy, at [email protected].  

    P.S.  Click on this link to see screenshots from a sample of the featured books at the Perrot in the Children's Library.  

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