• Greenwich Building School Committees Are Not Acting In Town's Best Interest

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    The Central Middle School (CMS) and Old Greenwich School (OG) school building committees are not operating in the best interests of the town of Greenwich.  

    Both Central Middle School and more specifically Old Greenwich Elementary are in the "New Greenwich" area of town.  Few of these families helped build this town, most are here because New York City either became too restrictive (the majority of the influx of New Yorkers occurred in July 2020) or too crime ridden.  They moved here with an attitude of "property taxes don't matter" and will ensure the Westchester model of lower property values and high property taxes.  

    I don't understand how individuals like James Waters be asked to participate and chair building committees?  Why are partisans such as Michael Spiro and Molly Sheely allowed on these committees without the voting of their respected bodies?

    Especially Mr. Waters, who had repeatedly demonstrated his unwillingness to even try to consider alternative cost saving measures.  Every appointee should be able to be traced back to a vote of a representative that can be held accountable.

    The Western residents of Greenwich should have a say in their town. The town isn't all Riverside and Old Greenwich.  They might have the new money, but the soul of the town are these generational communities.

    - A Concerned Greenwich Citizen

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