• Greenwich Democrat Admits 2022 Campaign Finance Violation While Announcing 2024 Run For State Senate

    January 19, 2024

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    You just can't make this stuff up.

    Trevor Crow announced her intentions to run for state senate in the 36th District against Republican incumbent Ryan Fazio at the Greenwich Democrat Town Committee (GDTC) meeting on Jan 17, 2024.

    Crow's website confirms she's looking to qualify for the CEP, the Citizen's Election Program which provides financing for qualifying candidates to ensure fair election competition without reliance on special interest money in order to help restore public confidence in the electoral process.

    Except during her announcement, as meticulously detailed by the Greenwich Free Press, Crow said, “we used the Citizens Election Program, which I supplemented by raising an additional $50,000 for our DTCs and our PACS to spend on our race.”

    The problem with Crow's admission is that what she described—accepting public funds while raising additional money intended for her own campaign—appears to be a violation of the state's campaign finance laws.


    Not only that, but according to Kevin Rennie, "Crow’s acts in 2022 may render her ineligible for public financing this year and may also cause the SEEC to try to claw back its 2022 grant to Crow."

    Perhaps Crow may need to rethink the first step for her 2024 campaign for State Senate?

    She's facing a challenge for the nomination from Nick Simmons, Governor Lamont's deputy chief of staff who is responsible for overseeing more than 10,000 employees across 10 state agencies. Simmons is also the brother of Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons, whose mayoral race was backed by Barack Obama in 2021.

    It seems Crow may be facing stiff competition for the nomination.

    The news of Crow's potential SEEC violation also comes on the heels of a lengthy SEEC complaint filed by Greenwich Republican Town Committee Chair Beth MacGillivray. The complaint details multiple violations allegedly committed by the GDTC, whom she calls "repeat offenders", and others in the 2023 municipal elections.

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    Paul A

    Hit the road crow! We are voting for Fazio! Stamford Mayor backed by Obama. Interesting tidbit I wasn’t aware of. No wonder she came out on top it’s the way authoritarians put people in power. Thanks for the info. This will make a great factual talking point for future elections. He so slick he’s running our country with a third term pulling the marionette strings of the puppet currently in the White House. The president didn’t have to know his Secretary of defense waS AWOL because Obama new.

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