• Greenwich Elementary School Parents Question Timing Of Library Field Trip

    Children's Room at Perrot Library, Old Greenwich

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    Pride Month is being celebrated everywhere in Connecticut.

    Especially in the libraries, like the Perrot Library in Old Greenwich.

    That's why some parents in Greenwich are wondering why the lovely tradition of taking school children to the library to get their first library card always coincides with Pride Month when controversial books are being actively promoted to young children in attractive, colorful displays done at eye level.

    The books introduce gender ideology, preferred pronouns and transgenderism, topics that not all parents agree should be normalized among children. And topics that not all parents want their children exposed to during a school field trip when parents aren't there on hand to answer questions that may arise.

    For instance, one of the books, It Feels Good To Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity, teaches young children that they can be born in the wrong body and constantly change their gender whenever they want, just like when the author's own daughter announced she was "trans" at the tender age of five. The book further recommends left-of-center organizations like the Trans Youth Equality Foundation and The Trevor Project, an organization that has been accused of grooming children through its online chat.

    Screenshot, RatedBooks

    Another book, "Pride Puppy", introduces the concept of "two spirit" which is defined by Scholastic as "an umbrella term specifically for Native American/First Nations/Indigenous people who do not identify within the colonialist gender binary." How many elementary schoolers would understand what that means?

    It also covers the wide range of specialized pride flags, and encourages students to wave transgender pride flags on schools buses. It tells children "the future is intersectional" which is a reference to one of the tenets of critical race theory. It even depicts a character that appears to be a "Therian" more commonly known as a "furry".

    You can easily understand why parents might be apprehensive about their second grader visiting the library and stumbling upon a book about furries.

    The Perrot Library has proudly supported Pride month for years.

    It recently contributed bags of books to be raffled off to winners in four different age groups during the celebration at the Town's raising of the transgender progress pride flag.

    The five-year old winner, for instance, received a bag with books including: Not He or She I'm Me, Cinda Meets Ella: a Fairly Queer Tale, Dad and Daddy's Big Family, and I Am a Rainbow.

    Next up at the Perrot is a "rainbow tie-dye for pride month" event open to children as young as 4 years old.

    Parents aren't telling the library what to do about its display, even though many don't agree with the display at all, but they do wonder why the school can't elect to do the library field trip earlier in the year, when controversial books aren't so prominently featured on the shelves.

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