• Greenwich Health Department Received Nearly $300k In Covid Grant Money From 2020-2022

    It took the Health Department nearly two years, and one complaint, before it finally responded to the FOIA request.

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    On May 4, 2022, we filed a Freedom of Information Act request to learn more about how the Greenwich Health Department was handling covid, to determine how much covid funding had been awarded to the Department, and to find out how the money had been spent.

    The Health Department acknowledged it received our request within the required four-day time frame, but then it dragged its feet when it came to producing results.

    After repeated calls to the Health Department to fulfill the FOIA request went nowhere, we ended up filing a complaint with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission ("CT FOI Commission") on January 3, 2024. This was not our preferred course of action, but the Health Department was clearly slow-walking the response and ignoring our emails.

    The CT FOI Commission decided to investigate our complaint, and on March 14, 2024, requested the appearance of the Greenwich Town Attorney before the Commission.

    Suddenly, after nearly two years of silence from the Health Department, we got word that our FOIA request would finally get a response.

    On March 22, 2024, we received a partial response covering some of the requested items, including the sources of information the Health Department had been using to base its unscientific and inaccurate advice which included calling covid vaccines "safe and effective".

    By now, most people recognize that covid vaccines were never safe or effective, and that instead these experimental vaccines come with a long list of side effects ranging from blood clots and myocarditis to turbo cancer and sudden death.

    In fact, the Pfizer post-marketing document, which reflected adverse event reports made in the 79 days from the time the Pfizer vaccine was first granted Emergency Use Authorization on December 11, 2020, through February 28, 2021, revealed an astonishing 158,893 adverse events, including 1,223 deaths — that's a 3% death rate for cases — and that does not include the 11,361 cases that were "not recovered" or the 9,400 cases with "unknown results", so the death rate could have been even higher.

    Furthermore, by February 28, 2021, Pfizer had already known that at least 11% of pregnancies were “terminated” by the vaccine.

    But that didn't stop the rush to vaccinate people for a disease that has a less than 1% death rate. (And, yes, according to Pfizer's post-marketing results, the vaccine appeared to have a higher death rate than covid.)

    Then on April 22, 2024, we received the last piece of the request — the covid funding.

    Turns out Greenwich Health Department received nearly $300k in grant money, including:

    • COVID-19 Crisis Grant (2020/2021) - Awarded $49,798.04 to pay for staff over-time to conduct "disease investigation, contact tracing and patient monitoring." A total of $9,134.61 was dispensed according to union contracts. Additionally, another $10,663.43 was used to purchase general supplies, including: shopping bags, toner cartridges, office supplies, portable Trac phones with data plans, chrome books with data plans, Netbooks with carrying cases, a medical fridge, PPR, portable tents, ID scanners, a HEPA filter and an air purifier. All funding was spent.
    • CDC Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Enhancing Detection Cooperative Grant Agreement (2020/2021 and 2021/2022) - Awarded $288,992 but spent $238,748.45 and subsequently returned $50,243.55 to the state. This funding covered three specialized staff members (Public Health Educator, Contact Tracer, Public Health Nurse). A total of $151,511.25 went toward salaries and $11,590.45 went toward "fringe benefits." The remainder of the funding was used to cover office supplies ($1,369.00); equipment, such as tables and chairs, a PA system, tents, ID scanners, Trac phones, and medication coolers ($5,248.52); overtime pay for Department of Health staff ($61,988.32); covid PCR testing for residents of group homes ($5,000); and medical supplies, such as plastic gowns, band aids, Purell, waste containers, digital thermometers, etc. ($2,041.91).
    • State Department of Public Health (DPH) Immunization Program Funding (2021) - Awarded $2,832.78 to purchase a free-standing freezer for covid vaccine storage.

    For that amount of money, the Town could have purchased a three-month supply of vitamin D for every man, woman and child in Greenwich... which would have probably been safer and more effective than conducting a massive medical experiment involving useless covid tests, contact tracing, and dangerous, experimental vaccines.

    But, hey, at least the Health department got a bunch of tents, office supplies, computers, Trac phones and a new freezer out of it.

    P.S. In case you are wondering, the Greenwich Health Department is still recommending covid vaccines on its website. But shouldn't these things have already been pulled from the market after being cited in 1,635,048 adverse event reports in CDC's reporting system, including 37,382 deaths, as of March 29, 2024?

    Screenshot, Open VAERS

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