• Greenwich Health Department's Dr. Paulmeno Admits To Always Talking About Covid Because Her Position Was Funded By A Covid-19 Grant

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    Stephanie Paulmeno from the Greenwich Health Department admitted that the reason she speaks about covid so much is because she has been paid by a Covid-19 grant, so talking about covid nonstop is seemingly a requirement of her grant.

    Paulmeno, who is not a medical doctor but is careful to point out that she should be called “doctor” because she holds a “Doctor of Nursing Practice” (DNP) degree, has been a vocal supporter of masks and vaccines since day one. She has never once waivered from the view that covid vaccines were safe and effective, despite being publicly challenged by the group Greenwich Patriots on multiple occasions (e.g., in a letter to First Selectman Fred Camillo about Paulmeno's fear-mongering, in a letter from a local attorney about Paulmeno).

    Source: Greenwich Patriots, February 16, 2023

    Apparently the answer to the question "why is that" -- why would Paulmeno promote a failed, one-sided narrative about covid vaccination -- is because she was paid to do so. Follow the money!

    While the pandemic was officially declared over in May 2023, it hasn't stopped Paulmeno from peddling fake news and continuing her covid fear porn campaign, even warning on July 25, 2023, that covid is "continuously capable of on-going mutations" and that people with no symptoms can develop long covid.

    "She [Dr. Melissa Stockwell] notes that it appears that children who are more severely ill with COVID-19 are at greater risk for progressing to long-COVID, but states that even those who were mildly ill or who had no symptoms at all can and have developed long-COVID. While it remains unclear if vaccination protects a child from developing long-COVID, it protects children (and others) from becoming severely ill; if one becomes severely ill, their risk for developing long-COVID is statistically higher."

    Stephanie Paulmeno

    Huh? How is it possible to develop long covid when you never even had covid symptoms? What's the science there? And does she actually believe the stuff she is writing?

    Paulmeno goes on to quote Dr. Altmann who advised, “The best way to not get long Covid is to not get Covid, and the best way to not get Covid is to be well vaccinated and boosted and have a good level of antibodies to stop the virus getting in”.

    Of course, most people now have learned that covid vaccines do not stop you from getting covid. This was detailed on vaccine package inserts that say covid vaccines are only intended to do one thing, and that is to prevent Covid-19 caused by "severe acute SARS-CoV-2" which is defined as a covid case that requires hospitalization. But unfortunately many people did not take the time to read the fine print on the package insert before getting injected with a dangerous, experimental gene therapy on the advice of vaccine zealots like Paulmeno.

    Of there are other more effective options for preventing covid, so getting vaccinated and boosted seems to be rather dubious medical advice, doesn't it?

    Nonetheless, Paulmeno seems to have no shame when it comes to shilling the covid narrative.

    She still recommends masking in crowded indoor locations in July 2023 despite no actual science supporting this recommendation.

    She still recommends using unapproved covid tests not once, but "2 or 3 times if you test negative" because if you test enough times on those unreliable tests, eventually you may get a positive. And then Paulmeo recommends you take Paxlovid, the failed covid drug that has generated 31,681 reports to the FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS), including 5,114 serious reactions and 230 deaths. Why would Paulmeno recommend taking another dangerous product like this?

    Once Paulmeno's covid funding dries up, will she finally start sharing truthful information about covid, masks, tests and vaccines? Or will she continue to be a shill for Big Pharma and the vaccine agenda that so many people have woken up to thanks to the unmitigated disaster that covid vaccines have caused?

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    So no truthful comments.
    Got it.
    Echo chamber statements only allowed.
    We must protect the perpetrators.

    Wataru M

    Whine more !

    Last edited 10 months ago by Wataru M

    Here's the funny thing.
    I can back up every statement I make in a court of law.
    And places like this, and people that write these "articles"?
    They can't prove me wrong.
    They are INCAPABLE.
    That's why they just quietly delete comments that don't fit their narrative.


    Nothing called "COVID" exists.
    It has never been proven to exist.
    It will never be proven to exist.
    There is no need for this to be "approved".
    TRUTH doesn't require APPROVAL.
    Only LIARS COVERING UP TRUTH thinks they need to "approve" a comment.


    Every person in every key position of the COVID scam was Jewish.
    Don't care if you don't like it.
    Prove me wrong.

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