• Greenwich High School Indoctrinates 9th Graders With Radical Gender Ideology, Ignores Opt Out Requests, And Undermines Parental Rights

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    When Senator Josh Hawley recently said, “they’re shoving this gender ideology down our kids’ throats”, he wasn’t kidding!

    In fact, students at Greenwich High School (GHS) are being indoctrinated into radical gender ideology, and most parents don’t even realize it’s happening.  The video, "Demographic structure of society sex, gender, and sexual orientation” by Khan Academy was played for students in at least one 9th grade health  class at GHS on Monday, May 22, 2023.

    Parents who opted their children out of this radical gender ideology indoctrination were shocked and angered to learn that their opt-outs were not honored by the school, and that their parental rights were completely undermined.

    GHS Superintendent Toni Jones has thus far declined to explain why the opt-out requests were ignored, and why parental rights were clearly violated.

    Jones has also declined to indicate if and when this video was ever formally approved for classroom usage by the Board of Education.  

    Probably because it wasn’t approved, but that doesn’t seem to stop the school from using unapproved materials, which has been a repeating pattern as of late.  

    Anyone remember the cartoon video of the adult with an erection pointed at a child’s head that was played for second graders?  Or what about the social emotional learning program RULER that was illegally piloted at Eastern Middle School without BOE approval?  

    And don’t forget the library books.

    What’s The Gender Ideology Video About?

    The video teaches students that there are five considerations for examining a person’s sex and gender.

    Biological:  The sex you are born with, and it is "definitely not a binary".

    Identity:  The gender you identify as, which is a social construction.

    Expression - The gender you express on the outside, which doesn’t have to align with sex or gender identity.

    Attraction - The gender to which one is romantically attracted.

    Fornication - The gender to which one is sexually attracted.

    Students are frequently reminded that there are “many possible combinations” of sex and gender in a manner that seems designed only to intentionally confuse students about who and what they are at their core.  It is suggested that being straight is just a stereotype, and that there are so many possibilities when looking at gender.  You can easily see how students might be drawn to these “possibilities” in order to feel special and unique.

    Students are also told that discrimination against sex and gender happens almost everywhere (i.e., that it is “systemic") and that people who fit into different sex and gender categories are often treated unjustly. (Those of you paying really close attention here recognize the subtle use of the language favored by critical race theorists.)

    The video actually perpetuates gender-based stereotypes, like stating that men make more money than women for the same job, and even suggests that women don’t have the innate intelligence to succeed.
    The video ends with the comment that, "in our society there is discrimination and segregation to spare for everyone.”

    It is a depressing and also factually inaccurate take on sex and gender.

    So Now What?

    What is the recourse for parents who opted their children out of this divisive lesson?  

    When did GHS stop teaching facts to students about sex, and switch to this blatantly progressive political agenda?

    What does the school board believe should be taught to children about sex and gender?  Is there an official position?  Do all of the members of the BOE support usage of radical gender ideology in the classroom?   

    While we do not have the answers to these questions right now, we will pursue this issue further with the Superintendent and the Board of Education and share what we learn.   Stay tuned!

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