• Greenwich Patriots Calls On Former RTC Chair For Apology, Retraction Over False Accusation

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    According to a thread on NextDoor a group called “Concerned Citizens of CT” allegedly took responsibility for the "groomer" signs planted at Greenwich Town Hall, but that didn’t stop the former RTC Chair from blatantly defaming Greenwich Patriots for the conduct, even suggesting he had conclusive evidence it was “the far-right RTC [and] the Greenwich Patriots” that planted the signs.  

    In his Facebook post, Mr. Quigley unequivocally stated “[l]et there be no doubt ” that the far-right RTC and the Greenwich Patriots were responsible.  To be clear, Greenwich Patriots had absolutely nothing to do with this and condemn those that did.  

    Screenshot, Facebook comment on Greenwich Free Press article

    Indeed, the Greenwich Patriots group hasn’t planted a sign since hundreds of our innocuous “Do Your Love Freedom” signs were vandalized and/or stolen.  

    We, therefore, call upon Mr. Quigley to produce the evidence that led to his statement.  

    If he cannot produce such evidence, then we demand an immediate retraction and apology. 

    Given that Mr. Quigley made his statement in writing, suggesting he had evidence to support his statement, and that his statement was published in a public forum, it amounts to libel and the Greenwich Patriots will take all appropriate action. 

    Indeed, the Greenwich Patriots are already receiving hateful correspondence based upon Mr. Quigley’s statement, which is harmful to our group given that we had nothing to do with this incident and do not support it in any way.

    Submitted by Greenwich Patriots

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