April 22, 2023

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    We have an important alert for you.

    In case you didn’t know, "climate-denying local Patriots” have apparently "seized control” of the Greenwich Republican party, this according to the Greenwich Democrats most recent newsletter.

    As if that’s not bad enough, Greenwich Democrats are fearful that a so-called “strident group of self-proclaimed Patriots” will take over the Greenwich RTM in November, just to sew chaos and promote an alarming agenda!  Oh no!

    Want to know more about the alarming Patriot agenda that ruffled the Democrats’ feathers?

    Well, for starters Patriots wanted to unmask children in school during the pandemic.  

    Yes, it’s 100% true — the Democrats totally got us on that one!  We absolutely wanted to rip the face masks off of every single child we could, and with good reason:  we carefully did our own research, and determined that the risks of masking children all day far exceeded any potential benefits.  Of course, it turns out we were right, but we won’t hold our breath waiting for an apology after getting slammed for allegedly being “anti-science".

    Another “alarming" part of the Patriots' agenda is opposing the use of ZuckBucks.  In fact, Greenwich Democrats even asserted that opposition to the injection of dark money into Greenwich elections is part of an “anti-semitic conspiracy theory” without actually explaining how opposing dark money in elections is either anti-semitic or a conspiracy theory.  

    And don’t forget that we’re book banners in the eyes of certain Democrats, which probably makes us “anti-DEI” or some kind of “phobe” according to the Democrat rules of wordsmithing.  Frankly, it’s hard keeping up with all of the labels that have been ascribed to us for wanting to protect children from harm, but we will gladly take all those slings and arrows. 

    Although we do agree with the Greenwich Democrats on one thing — that more Patriots should consider running for the RTM this fall!

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