• Greenwich Selectman To Vote On Climate Resolution 

    August 11, 2022
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    Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo and Selectwoman Lauren Rabin are planning on passing a climate resolution today, despite the recent controversy over the student-sponsored resolution which sourced information from a progressive not-for-profit headed by a former George Soros / Open Society Foundations board member.  

    The following letter was emailed to Fred and Lauren by a Greenwich resident who is concerned about the rush to pass a climate resolution.

    The public is welcome to join the meeting either in person at Town Hall in meeting room 105, or via zoom, from 10am - 11:30am.

    You can also email your comments to Fred if you are unable to attend the meeting.

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    Dear Fred and Lauren,

    Does our town government take action just because a student wants to see the fruits of their labor by summer’s end?  

    In my opinion this resolution must be indefinitely postponed.

    Have the GHS students behind this done anything to help personally?  How about citizen journalists who want to gaslight us into caving to this virtue-signaling resolution?  Have they:
    -  Traded in their car keys for bike helmets and walking shoes?
    -  Turned off the A/C in their homes?
    -  Stopped purchasing/wearing new clothes when old ones are serviceable?

    If these people won’t voluntarily make sacrifices, why push a resolution which will ultimately force behavior change via mandate?  If this climate resolution forces spending with no guaranteed results and/or puts us in line for millions of state/federal dollars (with their accompanying strings attached) I say, resist!

    Of note, and concerning to me, is the wording in Perloe’s op-ed:

    “The strength of the resolution doesn’t depend on declaring climate change an emergency.”

    This tells me the resolution has been carefully crafted with total subversion as the goal. Heavy-handed government declarations and resolutions are obviously to be minimized if not avoided altogether.  Where does a High-School student get the resources to engage the legal expertise to craft such a document?  A quick search on the admitted resource “350.org” reveals a sophisticated set of tools and tactics for manipulating towns and people into succumbing to the “dire emergency” narrative. 

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    I strongly recommend we put some right-minded experts on the document to weaken the resolution, putting the burden of climate-action back onto the people themselves (bike helmets and walking shoes).

    There are enough scientists in the world who refute the allegations of climate emergency that, in spite of the ubiquitous liberal howling, fear-mongering and name-calling, this is definitely NOT settled science.  It is, however, a cause which suits the WEF/UN/WHO/Davos goal of global suppression and dominance. This is clearly laid out in the well-documented U.N. Agenda 2030.

    What does the Pope know about science?  What do U.N. bureaucrats know about science?  

    When scientific research supports their goal, it is reasonable to believe they will not seek out or even consider any oppositional research.  We know that plenty of people across town, and across the world will swallow the words of “experts” who are trotted out for our benefit.  After the Covid “crisis” during which the suggestions of such “experts” (and the acceptance of federal emergency funds) resulted in irreversible and unnecessary damage to our economy, education and childhood development, we all should know better. The difficulty lies in resisting these dictatorial virtue-signals while fending off accusations of “…denier” (insert manufactured crisis of choice).


    All the best,



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    Robert A. Porrazzo

    Mr. First Selectman, do you even know WHO Soros is? Or do you still rely on corporate media outlets like the Greenwich Time to still get news? These outlets deny Soros' existence or hold him up like some (false) deity. If this climate crap is allowed to pass, it will FURTHER AND FURTHER cement Greenwich as more being the unofficial 6th borough of NYC and hedge fund capital of the world instead of a small town; one I have lived in about 46 of my 48 years on God's green earth.

    It will also make you a RINO neocon who should look out for Carl Higbie of Newsmax TV.

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