• Greenwich Superintendent Refuses To Hang Gadsden Flag In The Student Center

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    Greenwich Superintendent Toni Jones recently provided clarification to parents regarding the school's policy on political propaganda (e.g., BLM signs, progressive pride flags) hanging in the classroom or elsewhere in the school.

    Board of Education Chairman Joe Kelly further endorsed the flag policy as articulated by Jones, saying, "I like Dr. Jones’ answer and I support it," thereby making it official school policy.

    Jones described the flag policy in an email, explaining that "only flags representing countries from around the world will be hung from the rafters this school year." The high school student center rafters previously featured a display of flags from around the world, along with the pride flag.

    She continued to offer clarification on the policy, indicating that, "students have requested new flags that represent their heritage and we will proudly oblige.”

    But if your heritage includes the Gadsden flag, then forget about it!

    That's what one parent learned after her son wanted to donate a Gadsden flag to the student center so that he could feel that his family's heritage would be "seen and included" in a flag display that was meant to represent everyone's family heritage. Superintendent Jones had even said she would "proudly oblige" students' requests so you can imagine the student's disappointment.

    Jones responded to the Gadsden donation request within an hour, an unusually quick turn-around based on previous experience trying to get answers to parents' questions.

    "Please let me clarify, our flags which hang in the student center are from countries around the world, including the United States of America. As I mentioned before we are not asking for donations, but thank you," Jones said in an email to the parent.

    Of course, she is not the only educator to reject the Gadsden flag in school.

    A 12-year-old boy in Colorado Springs was kicked out of class just yesterday because his teacher determined the Gadsden flag patch on his backpack was "disruptive to the learning environment."

    Is that because it's anti-communist and pro-liberty?

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