• Greenwich Superintendent Should Be Honest With Parents About Implications Of Denied "Right To Read" Waiver

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    The following email was sent to the Greenwich Board of Education regarding the article, Westport, Greenwich Waivers For "Right To Read" Program Denied By The State, Meanwhile State-Approved Reading Programs Rooted In Equity, CRT.

    We rarely receive responses to our emails, but should we receive one, we'll let you know.

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    Dear Board of Education members,

    To the best of my knowledge, Dr. Jones has denied the presence of critical race theory in Greenwich Schools for all of the years that parents have been challenging her about it.

    However, after the state rejected the Greenwich waiver to the "Right to Read" legislation, it's going to be impossible for Dr. Jones to continue to make the claim that there is no CRT in Greenwich.

    It seems that buried in the requirements for the Right to Read program is "helping students to advance "thinking and actions about identity, equity, power, and oppression."  

    That's also known as critical race theory.

    The heavy emphasis that educators place on obtaining social justice for the oppressed class is driving much of the anti-semitism we are seeing in schools and on college campuses today. That's because, under the Marxist doctrine of CRT, the Israelis are viewed as the oppressors, therefore the social justice warriors are whipped up into a frenzy to defend the oppressed Palestinians (even though a majority of Palestinians identify as Hamas).

    This is why teaching students critical race theory is destructive and dangerous.   

    Yet here we are marching right off the CRT / equity cliff thanks to the Right to Read legislation.

    Do you plan on being open and honest with parents about this change?  And tell them that the state is forcing Greenwich to replace the current reading program with an equity-focused program that promotes CRT?



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