• Greenwich Together Alliance Asked To Remove Endorsement Of Two Groups That May Put Children At Further Risk

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    The Greenwich Together Alliance sent an email on June 27th with what it called “important resources” to support LGBTQ+ “kids in crisis” following pride month.

    Two of the organizations on the resource list immediately caught our attention, The Trevor Project and Anchor Health.

    Screenshot, Greenwich Together email

    In fact, we just wrote about The Trevor Project on June 17, 2024.

    At the time, we contacted Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo regarding the Town’s promotion of the organization to at-risk LGBTQIA youth in a suicide post-vention brochure.

    We explained how the Trevor Project offered a free online chatroom service to at-risk LGBTQIA youth aged 13-24, but literally anyone could sign up to use the service, even predators. It took us all of two minutes to set up an account (using fake details) before we had access to sexually-explicit chatrooms, 53 pages of chatrooms to be exact, and on any topic you could imagine, even the finer points of being a furry. We saw posts, allegedly from children, who were lonely and wanted to meet in real life.

    It seemed like a disaster waiting to happen — putting children already in crisis into a chatroom where predators could easily be lurking — but Fred never got back to us about the brochure.

    As soon as we saw the Greenwich Together Alliance promoting the same group, The Trevor Project, we reached out to share the same concerns via email.

    We also cautioned about Anchor Health, which advocates for providing gender-affirming care to minors under 18 years old. 

    Anchor Health has “no barriers” to affirmation — this means no mental health assessment or therapy letters — it just aims to rush down the path toward transgenderism because Anchor Health believes “trans and gender diverse youth deserve gender-affirming care, full stop.”

    Screenshots from Anchor Health FAQs

    The issue, of course, is that gender-affirming care includes the use of dangerous drugs and hormone therapy, and the mutilation of healthy sex organs.  

    Worse, whistleblowers from the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) have exposed transgender affirming care as being “pseudoscientific” and nothing more than “experiments on children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults” with drugs that cause debilitating and potentially fatal side effects.  

    Children and adolescents in particular cannot comprehend the permanent impact this “care” will have on them, and unfortunately find out the hard way that they can’t undo the damage from these experimental procedures. 

    Furthermore, the vast majority of children outgrow gender dysphoria in a few years anyway, so it simply doesn’t make sense to rush into “gender-affirming care” with a provider that admittedly doesn’t even consider the patient’s mental health before starting down the path of “gender-affirming” care.

    Screenshot, WPATH Files

    The way the members of WPATH knowingly prey on gender-confused children should be a massive red flag to anyone who truly cares about kids in crisis.  

    The WPATH literally debates things like the benefits of pumping autistic adolescents who can’t properly advocate for themselves full of hormones that cause irreversible changes, as if it’s a good thing.  Furthermore, WPATH doctors know that these drugs can result in other side effects, such as cancer in teens and reduced sexual function.

    It’s hard to read the whistleblower report and not feel sickened by how the WPATH members ignore patient outcomes, and push dangerous medical experimentation anyway.

    We were really surprised to see the Greenwich Together Alliance recommend a WPATH-linked service provider, so we picked up the phone to make sure they saw our email. The contact, who was from Kids in Crisis, confirmed she saw the email today, and assured us she would look into the information.

    Greenwich Together includes more than 40 members, such as schools, churches, community groups, hospitals, police, local government, and other organizations.

    Screenshot, Greenwich Together

    We asked the group to stop recommending resources that could potentially put youth into bad situations, and to let their subscribers know about the concerns with these two organizations in particular.

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