• Greenwich "Voting Moms" Releases Partisan Candidate List With Radicals From Trump-Hating Group, Indivisible

    Source: The Voting Moms

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    The Voting Moms, who bill themselves as a couple of Greenwich moms "spurred into local 'get out the vote' activism after the 2016 election”, have just revealed their picks for Greenwich Board of Estimation and Taxation (BET) and the Representative Town Meeting (RTM).

    It seems the Moms are concerned about the "unprecedented number of candidates” who are running for RTM.  

    They are so concerned that the Moms allege many of the new candidates to the RTM "want to ‘break' local government with obstructionist positions” without actually knowing a thing about these candidates.  Why would they do that? 

    Of course, it should probably not come as a surprise that a group upset with Trump winning in 2016 would recommend all of the BET democrats and many “never-Trumpers” on their voting list.

    Nor should it come as a surprise that their recommended list includes two RTM candidates, also never-Trumpers, who have been in the headlines for attacking fellow Republicans, thanks to help from a friend at the Greenwich Time.

    It’s also not a surprise to see members of the far left group, Indivisible, including Nerlyn Pierson, Sheila Phelan, Janet McMahon and David Weisbrod on a list the Moms claim is bi-partisan.  Especially since Indivisible prides itself on being founded to counter all of Trump's actions and policies that the group alleges "threaten our democratic values, as well as America's safety and standing in the world”…  even though Trump put ZERO troops into new wars.

    Two RTM candidates who were part of Indivisible’s 2017 slate, Joan Thakor and Miriam Kreuzer, also made the Mom’s list, as well as a number of “regulars” who are perhaps better know for posting inflammatory comments on Facebook about their peers and political rivals than for being bi-partisan.

    But sometimes “sleepy organizations have to be shaken” just like former RTC Chair Dan Quigley said in 2019 when referring to the 2017 RTM shake-up by Indivisible—a move that he said, “was not a bad thing”.

    So perhaps the anticipated shake-up of the RTM in November is also “not a bad thing”?

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